What makes people believe in jokes

Why are there April fools?

April April!

On April 1st, people have to be careful. They must not believe everything they hear or see. Because otherwise they could be sent to April, which means that they will be set up. Other people try to make fun of each other and make a fool of them. You can also find April Fools jokes in some newspapers, on television, and on the radio. Funny things are reported that are later revealed as jokes.

Where does the April Fool's joke come from?

The April Fool's joke seems to have been around for a long time. The phrase "send in April" has been around in Bavaria since 1618. To this day we do not know where exactly the April Fool's joke came from. There are some explanations that we don't know which is true. We'll list four of them for you.

  • 1. Explanation: Calendar reform

The most commonly cited theory relates to calendar reform. The French King Charles IX. (read: Charles the Ninth) changed the timing of the calendar in 1564. He moved the New Year's Day from April 1st to January 1st. For fun, some people continued to send out invitations to the New Year celebrations on April 1st. Since there were no newspapers at the time, many people did not know about the calendar reform. To schadenfreude, many people accepted the invitation. From France, the April Fool's joke is said to have spread across Europe.

  • 2. Explanation: The April weather

“April, April - he doesn't know what he wants.” - that's what it is often said. One explanation would be the unstable and deceptive April weather, which often deceives us.

  • 3. Explanation: From the Bible

Another explanation comes from the Bible. The fallen angel Lucifer is said to have gone to hell on April 1st. In addition, April 1st is said to be Judas Iscariot's birthday. The disciple Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. That is why April 1st is a day of calamity for Christians to beware of.

  • 4. Explanation: The fool's ball

Henry IV (pronounced Charles the Fourth) was King of France and a womanizer. He is said to have received an invitation from a girl he wanted to meet on April 1st in his pleasure palace. The girl did not appear, instead he met his court and his wife there, who organized the "fool's ball". So Henry IV was sent to April.

April fools in other countries

The April Fool's joke occurs in almost all European countries. But people are also sent to April in large parts of America, South Africa and India. In Spain people joke not on April 1st, but on December 28th.

There are different customs in different countries. In Portugal, for example, anyone who falls for an April Fool's joke is splashed with water. In the United States, it is customary to send friends and family a card for April Fools ‘Day. In France, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium people try to put an April fish made of paper on someone else's back. The person should not notice anything and is thus fooled.

Have you already sent someone to April? What was your best April Fool's joke? We would be happy if you post it in the comments.