What could be the biggest surprise today?

Translation of "biggest surprise" in English

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biggest surprise
She is waiting for you biggest surprise Of your life.
But that wasn't that for me biggest surprise.
These three skilled artists were the main stars and the biggest surprise at night.
These three mature artists were the principal stars and the greatest surprise of the evening.
The conquest of the European championship by the national soccer team continued the biggest surprise the football world firmly.
The conquest of the European championship by the national team of football constituted the greatest surprise of the football world.
But the biggest surprise in these games, they don't do that bloody as it seems from the description.
But the most surprising thing in these games, they do not bloody as it may seem from the description.
The biggest surpriseThat despite the "old" around Super Mario, they still have a very popular rating.
The most surprising that, despite the "old" by about Super Mario, they still occupy a highly rated by popularity.
Then she probably played biggest surprise of the weekend: The German Doom duo BEEHOOVER.
Probably the biggest surprise that weekend was next: The German Doom-Duo BEEHOOVER.
What was she biggest surprise? Our two main target groups are the LGBT community and tourists.
What was the biggest surprise? Our two main target groups are the LGBT community and tourists.
Maybe that is biggest surprise the ... involvement of Illinois Governor Frank Tancredi.
Perhaps the biggest surprise is the inclusion of Illinois governor Frank Tancredi.
Russia's incompetent power play could be the biggest surprise be ready in the tournament.
Russia's inept power play might be the biggest surprise in the tournament so far.
Rebecca was that for us biggest surprise, in a positive sense.
The biggest surprise however, the place itself was!
The stereotypes shattered were that biggest surprise.
And that victory could well be the biggest surprise these European championships remain.
And this victory could by all means be the biggest surprise of the whole European Championships.
The biggest surprise however, Orsolya Tóth is himself.
The biggest surprise was Bob Jungels for me.
I take this knowledge as that biggest surprise of my life.
The biggest surprise for our customers, the benchmark is savings.
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