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Latin lives!

Latin is a dead language? Not at all. Of course, it has been some time since Caesar ruled the Roman Empire and Cicero made bold speeches. But Latin still lives on today in the Romance languages ​​that developed from it over time. Anyone who masters Latin will find it easy to learn languages ​​such as Spanish, French and Italian.

In Cicero's footsteps

The free Langenscheidt German-Latin online dictionary allows you to use Latin the other way around. Just translating is boring - how about a little speech you wrote yourself in Latin or an innovative love letter? Our German-Latin online dictionary will help you! You will quickly and reliably get from the German term to the Latin translation and will soon be able to follow in the footsteps of Cicero and Ovid.

Caesar in your pocket

Whether at home or on the go - you always have the Caesar language with you! You can use the Langenscheidt German-Latin online dictionary with your smartphone, tablet or desktop. You can find German terms and their Latin translations quickly and intuitively. You can always rely on the well-known quality from Langenscheidt. At you also have access to other free online dictionaries from our publisher.

Langenscheidt: Because languages ​​connect

Langenscheidt Verlag is a traditional media company with a wide range of languages. Thanks to our cross-media focus, we not only offer classic print dictionaries, but also a wide range of high-quality digital language products and services, both online and offline.

The foundation stone was laid by the pioneering invention of the publisher's founder Gustav Langenscheidt over 150 years ago: Together with his language teacher Charles Touissant, he developed a new phonetic spelling method. Language learning should become easier for everyone from now on. With the first self-study letters for the French language, the publishing house got off to a successful start in 1856.