What is the most powerful Glock

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In “Die Hard 2” Bruce Willis warned an airport manager: “The punk pulled a Glock 7! Any idea what that is? A pistol made of porcelain, made in Germany - does not appear on metal detectors! ”In terms of content, this statement is fundamentally wrong. But the advertising effect for Glock was priceless, sales figures skyrocketed. Arnold Schwarzenegger, also John Malkovich - more and more Hollywood stars became advertising media, the Glock developed into a bestseller on the civilian market.

The Glock family's fortune is estimated today at € 1.75 billion (although the value is difficult to determine by being organized as a GmbH). In addition to Austria and the USA, the group now has companies in Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, China, the United Arab Emirates and Slovakia. Police and military units in at least 50 countries are armed with his pistols - including countries like Israel, Mexico, India, Afghanistan and Iraq. Nevertheless, the USA remains by far the most important sales market for Glocks. Two thirds of the police there wear them in holsters. All agencies at the national level, including the FBI and DEA, have them in their arsenals.

In 2016, Glock wrote record numbers: profit rose from € 96.7 to 162.1 million. Sales also grew by 41 percent to € 709.5 million, two thirds of which came from the strongest market, the USA. According to consulting firm Small Arms Analytics, a total of 3.7 million handguns were imported into the US in 2016. Over a third of them - about 1.3 million - were Glocks. With a share of 7.8 percent, the group is the fourth largest player in the pistol market there. In 2017, however, Glock suffered a major setback. In the selection of the new generation of pistols for the US military, the German-Swiss competitor SIG Sauer was defeated, with which Glock escaped a deal worth US $ 580 million. The reasons given were technical advantages of the P320 from SIG over Glocks Model 19. However, the decisive factor was probably the price: SIG Sauer was able to undercut Glock by a whopping US $ 103 million with its offer of US $ 169.5 million.

Since January, the weapon scorned by the US military has been available on the civilian market, and the price is comparable to a new iPhone. Glock's target groups are very different: Gun freaks in Texas trust the guns as well as militant jihadists in Syria. The right-wing assassin Anders Behring Breivik used them in his 2011 attack, as did Omar Mateen in Orlando when he shot 49 people. According to estimates, at least 10 million pistols from the armories of the plastics engineer Glock are in circulation today, because in 2007 it was learned from Deutsch-Wagram that five million examples have already been sold worldwide. Since then, however, has been silent again.

This article was published in our July 2018 issue of “Competition”.