What is mental health in a startup

The online psychologists

According to a study by the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, the damage caused by an employee who is absent due to burn-outs amounts to 40,000 euros. The productivity losses are not even included. The total is added up from the sick days and the coverage times. Burn-out is also as contagious as a cold. Usually not just one person is affected. Companies are increasingly realizing that the mental health of their employees is important to their satisfaction.

In the meantime, over 110,000 employees from over 40 companies have free and anonymous access to psychological counseling at Instahelp as part of company health promotion. “Mental health is an absolute future issue. We see that since Corona, the sensitivity and thus also the inquiries on the part of companies have increased ”, says Bernadette Frech, CEO of Instahelp. Companies such as Trivago, Lidl, Renault and RHI Magnesita are among the start-up's customers. Company employees receive uncomplicated and anonymous access to professional, psychological advice online. Frech sees the advantages of online advice primarily in the low-threshold access, the flexibility - prime time at Instahelp is between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. - and the rapid availability. "With us you get" Instant Help ", the advice is guaranteed to start within 24 hours," says the managing director.

The start-up arose from the exit from sms.at. The core competence of the Frech team lies in the development of secure communication solutions. Through personal access in the team and social developments, the decision was made to create an easily accessible offer for mental health. The aim was to create a quality solution and easy access to a professional offer. People who need advice - regardless of whether they are end users or company employees - go to the Instahelp.me platform. There is a uniform company code for the employees of the companies who have booked the service. So nobody can understand who is answering. Then you can either use a psychologist in a live conversation or Instahelp supports you with the selection.

For corporate customers, Mental Health Analytics are recorded anonymously in real time. Companies can get an idea of ​​the mental health of the company in order to reduce mentally-related absenteeism and at the same time increase mental well-being. The consultation frequency and the consultation topics are processed anonymously. On the one hand, this enables an understanding in which areas of the company's executives can continue to work and, at the same time, in companies with several branches, heatmaps are produced that show in which branches, for example, stress-related overloads are strongly felt. In addition, employees rate the perceived impact of the advice.

A Mental Health Ambassador Program was launched to raise awareness of mental health in companies. "People in companies have to start talking honestly about how they are doing, recognize when they are crossing red lines with regard to stress overload, for example, and learn to take proactive measures so that they can go through life strong and satisfied," says Frech. The offer from Instahelp has proven its worth particularly in the Corona crisis and Frech is convinced: “The company cannot take the stress away from its employees, but it can give them the tools to stay mentally healthy. In this way, employees can cope better with livelihood worries, increasing stress in the family and working in the home office. "