Sociopaths are cowards

USA - Anthony Scaramucci in an interview: "Trump reminds me of a sociopath who only speaks to himself"

Interview with Anthony Scaramucci: "Trump reminds me of a sociopath who only speaks to himself"

Four years ago, Anthony Scaramucci, 56, was Donald Trump's chief communications officer. Today the regular WEF guest is a bitter opponent of the president. In an interview, he accuses Trump of racism and explains why he fights hard: "Whoever attacks my wife takes it on me."

America votes in two weeks. You know the president, are familiar with his quirks. If you were still advising Donald Trump, what advice would you give him?

Anthony Scaramucci: So that he wins the election? I'm not interested in that.

Well, you are a good communicator and America is in deep crisis. You could do your bit to help this country move forward.

I would tell him to finally follow the advice of the scientists and find out, for example, how South Korea has dealt with the pandemic. Second, I would tell him to stop making face masking a political issue. But Trump wouldn't listen to me. That's why I judge him so harshly. He is resistant to advice.

Why do you think he would ignore your suggestions?

Because he doesn't listen to anyone. The President reminds me of a sociopath who only speaks to himself and repeats himself over and over again. His intuition may have helped him attract votes four years ago. But now...

Was Trump any different when you campaigned with him?

He was a different person then, probably also because he wasn't under such pressure. He was more talkative, had more fun. I still think that he didn't expect his victory. The pressure he is now under in the White House has changed him.

When you briefly held the position of communications officer for the White House in July 2017, you announced at a memorable press conference: “I love the President. I am very loyal to him. I love the mission the President is on. " Did you mean that seriously?

Yes. I still believe in this mission. A very large group of white workers without a university degree felt that they were no longer represented in our political system. And I took part in 71 presidential appearances during the election campaign, during which he spoke directly to these people - who were rightly referred to as the "Forgotten Man" and the "Forgotten Woman". And he promised them that he would work for political solutions that would benefit them.

Your tone of voice at this press conference was almost exaggeratedly euphoric.

I'm Italian and my wife occasionally warns me that I use the verb "to love" too often. And maybe I used it too often at that moment. But I like the president. The fact that I am calling on my fellow Americans to vote him out is not personal. My election recommendation is based on an analytical, objective analysis of his previous work as President and what he has done to the institution, the office of President. He made the country sicker, weaker and poorer.

There are only a few former companions of Trump who have distanced themselves so dramatically from him. After you resigned as communications officer at the end of July 2017, what was the decisive factor for you?

At first I tried to remain loyal. For two years I defended his politics during my television appearances. But it became more and more difficult because he separated children from their parents on the border with Mexico, defended Russian President Vladimir Putin against the accusations of the American secret services or because he labeled our press “enemies of the people”.

And what was the drop that broke the barrel?

His attacks against the «Squad» ...

... four dark-skinned Democratic MPs, all of them American, whom Trump told in the summer of 2019 that they should “go home” if they didn't like it here.

This is racism. This is xenophobia. And there is nothing I despise more than racism. You know, you can't choose your family. In any case, I didn't choose mine. You also don't have a choice of what skin color you're born with. I don't think people should be categorized based on these criteria. Those statements were just hideous.

When did you decide to support the anti-Trump organization "The Lincoln Project"?

When the president attacked my wife on Twitter. I can live with being attacked personally. I am a public figure. But he attacked my wife, a housewife from the suburbs. I'm not Ted Cruz ...

... Trump forgave that he had made derogatory comments about his wife Heidi in the 2016 election campaign.

Anyone who attacks my wife takes on me. So I decided to take up the fight against him.

You are not a senior member of the Lincoln Project, but you raise money for the organization. What is striking about the anti-Trump campaign: Numerous exponents use a vocabulary that could also come from Trump. For example, you recently referred to the president as a "Covidioten".

I would say: sometimes you have to reward like with like. And my experience shows that Trump leaves you alone on Twitter if you hit back. He probably doesn't want to be responsible for making me more famous. Every time he attacks me, I gain 50,000 to 100,000 new followers on Twitter. But if I were a politician, I would choose Joe Biden's strategy, who largely ignores Trump. Thank goodness I'm not a politician.

What if Trump loses the election? Will he resign without resistance?

He just puffs up. He is a coward who tries morbidly to compensate for his inferiority.

So the talk about a possible coup attempt is just talk?


And what happens to the Republican Party, should the Democrats really get a landslide victory?

I hope Republicans will go over the books if Trump is defeated. And that the party is saying goodbye to the personality cult around Trump. We don't even have an up-to-date election manifesto anymore because everything revolves around the person of the president.

But what if Trump wins? You're still officially a Republican. Would you then be politically homeless?

The "Lincoln Project" and I would then probably call a new party into being, which settles on the right of the center. It would be based on conservative principles, not on personality cults.

Is there really room in the American political system for a party that argues rationally?

Who knows? As the legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs put it aptly: "Most of the time, people don't know what they want until you show them."