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Romeo & Juliet

It was the nightingale, not the lark

Verona Beach is a densely populated (Latin American) coastal metropolis where fear, violence and crime shape the atmosphere. The city is ruled by two rival families, the Montagues and the Capulets. In the midst of this merciless, hateful world, the boundless love flares up between Romeo and Juliet, the only children of the warring heads of families.

Regardless of the bitter reality, Romeo and Juliet tie the knot in a secret ceremony. On the other day, when Juliet's cousin kills Romeo's best friend in a bloody argument, Romeo in turn shoots the cold-blooded murderer in affect.

Romeo flees into exile on their wedding night. For Julia, the separation is so unbearable that she wants to commit suicide. Father Laurence dissuades the young girl at the last second and presents Juliet with a plan that will bring her together with Romeo forever. As with Shakespeare, the tragedy ends with the death of the lovers.

About the film

Can this really go well? To relocate the most touching love story of all time to the Verona (Beach) of the 90s, where instead of tall horses and sharp swords, sleek convertibles and crazy designer pistols dominate the scene? Luhrmann's award-winning version was discussed as a film for the MTV generation, as a comic version. Shakespeare's dialogues, however, were largely taken over unchanged, and only where necessary, adapted to the circumstances of the present.

“A worldwide box office of almost $ 140 million and quickly acquired cult status quickly silenced the skeptics. The basic idea of ​​the creative minds of catapulting the well-known and countless story told into the middle of the 90s while remaining true to the original text turned out to be a brilliant idea that makes the film unique to this day and a glimmer of hope for all bored German students at the end of the 90s gray everyday school life. "
| moviereporter.net

“And so images from modern pop cinema interlock with texts from the romantic drama of 1595, a mixture that initially confuses, but soon fascinates, and after two hours finally releases the audience into a seemingly unreal world that is not even decent rhymes! "
| artechock.de


The film won four BAFTA Awards: Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Music and Best Set. At the 1997 International Film Festival in Berlin, Baz Luhrmann won the Alfred Bauer Prize for innovative film art. Leonardo DiCaprio received the Silver Bear for his performance as best actor.

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