Why do we seek faith

Pentecost Enlightenment, Miracles, Myths - In Search of Faith

Pentecost: This is what a dove, fire, confusion of language and a message stand for. The birthday of the church is celebrated at Pentecost - the day on which followers of an itinerant preacher became a serious religious community.

For Christians, the Holy Spirit also belongs to God. But what or who is the Holy Spirit? In search of enlightenment, "Nah dran" explores what is behind this spirit. Between deep faith and religious ecstasy, we learn what Pentecostal churches are and what it means to "speak in tongues". We want to know what kind of magical attraction pilgrimage sites and holy places have in central Germany. And we ask what a miracle is.

A miracle - what is it?

We admire technical masterpieces or things of particular beauty. We call events miracles that are actually impossible, that seem to contradict the laws of nature. An unexpectedly fortunate turn can work like a miracle. Or something that we didn't expect makes us believe in miracles. "Nah dran" meets a Buddhist monk, a priest and a psychotherapist and tries with them to fathom the phenomenon of miracles.

Visiting a Pentecostal church

In the Bible - Acts of the Apostles - it is described how a miracle occurred to his disciples 50 days after Jesus' death and resurrection. The Whitsun miracle. They heard a roar and a fire came down on them. Filled with renewed energy, they were suddenly able to speak in foreign languages ​​and share the story of Jesus' death and resurrection around the world.

Hartmannsdorf in Saxony, 2,000 years later. Roland Hartung is pastor of a Pentecostal church. He feels God's spirit in a similar way to the way Jesus' disciples did back then. When he asks God for help, he too sometimes changes into foreign languages. He is convinced that God has given him other spiritual gifts. With these so-called charisms - he believes - God's Spirit works directly through him. "Nah dran" visited him and his community.