How do I become a miner

Miner and machinist.

What is everyday life like at work?

Even if in Mining Nowadays, modern high-tech machines do most of the work, energetic professionals who know these devices like the back of their hand are required. After only two years of training, you are assembling, maintaining and operating conveyor belts, drilling rigs & Co. with your left hand!

You are needed everywhere Natural resources, such as hard coal and lignite, ores or salts are mined - i.e. in underground and above-ground mines. For the Apprenticeship for miners and machinists the trainees decide between two disciplines: Transport and maintenance or tunneling and mining.

Do you specialize in Transport and maintenance, you ensure that excavated rock rubble and raw materials do not clog the corridors, but are transported directly into unused cavities or into daylight.

You judge machine-controlled Conveyor belts or overhead conveyors and maintain them. This means that you clean the systems, replace wearing parts, carry out oil changes and repair broken machines by hand and with tools.

Do you decide on the subject Driving and mining, it can get pretty explosive! Because you help to prepare blasting in order to advance the mine and to create new tunnels and shafts.

You drill with the help of drills Blast holes. You secure the resulting cavities with wooden or metal supports. To mine the raw materials, you build huge ones Mining machines open, service and repair them. If all deposits in a tunnel are exhausted, you fill the rooms with rock or sand, the so-called backfill material.

So that the air stays fresh underground and the rising water is pumped out, you will learn in both fields during the training, so-called Ventilation systems, i.e. installing and repairing pipes, pumps or fans for ventilation and drainage.

You can find out within 60 seconds whether an apprenticeship as a miner and machinist really suits you in our career check.