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José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso

* 19th June 1861 Calamba on Luzón

† 30. December 1896 Campo de Bagumbayan in Manila (shot)

Ophthalmologist, Filipino writer, freedom hero

1877: Matriculation at the Santo Tomás University in Manila. Studied medicine and at the Faculty of Philosophy

May 1882: departure for Spain. Enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine and Philosophy of the University of Madrid

1884: Start of work on "Noli me tangere", a novel that describes the helplessness of the Filipino people under the ruling Spanish colonial power

June 1885: Doctorate in philosophy. Departure from Spain

February-August 1886: After a stay in Paris, Rizal arrives in Heidelberg; there he trained in ophthalmology. He lives in Wilhelmsfeld at the invitation of the Protestant pastor Karl Ullmer. http://ufreytag.michel-media.de/page13.htmlhttp://ufreytag.michel-media.de/page20.html

1887: Berlin. Here his first novel "Noli me tangere" appears in Spanish

Return to Manila, where his novel arouses considerable criticism, especially in clerical circles. In order to avoid slander, provocations and suspicion, Rizal left Manila again in the same year.

1891: Ghent, where his second novel "El Filibusterismo" appears in Spanish

1892: return to Manila. Rizal founds the non-violent reform movement "Liga Filipina". The colonial government arrests him on charges of smuggling subversive material and banishes him to Dapitan, Mindanao. Made mouthful, he devotes himself to medical tasks.

1896: outbreak of the Philippine Revolution. Rizal is arrested as an alleged ringleader and sentenced to death by a court martial.

December 30, 1896: Rizal is shot dead on the Campo de Bagumbayan in Manila

1980: the path on the banks of the Neckar along Mannheimer Strasse, east of the Wieblingen-Süd area, becomes Rizal banks named

Source: Heidelberg University Library

"Dr. Jose Rizal 1861-1896 / Philippine national hero / In this building, formerly Ludwigsplatz 12, Rizal lived from February 18 to June 1886, his poem" An die Blumen von Heidelberg "was written here on February 22, 1886" (Inscription on a plaque in Grabengasse)

"Dr. Jose Rizal 1861-1896 / Philippine national hero / Hier, Bergheimerstraße 20, / Rizal practiced ophthalmology from February to August 1886 under Prof. Dr. Otto Becker director of the university eye clinic. / Philippine embassy 19.6.1960" (Inscription on a plaque at Bergheimerstraße 20)

>José Rizal Park (Wilhelmsfeld, Karl-Ullmer-Weg / Schulstrasse) with Rizal's bronze statue


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