Why are Duracell batteries so expensive

Which batteries last the longest

Whether flashlights, smoke detectors or children's toys - many devices in the household are still powered by batteries. But which ones last the longest? The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) tested 22 AAA batteries between 20 cents and two euros.

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The most commonly used batteries consist of alkaline and manganese, also called alkaline, among other things. The price differences are huge - between 20 cents and two euros each. Depending on whether a cheap no-name product or an expensive brand was chosen.

As part of a Europe-wide cooperation with other consumer organizations, the VKI has tested AAA (microcell) batteries, such as those used for remote controls.

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A large number of batteries in various price categories are available in stores

Flashlight and computer mouse

For the test, the batteries were inserted into two different devices, a flashlight and a wireless computer mouse, and had to prove their service life, according to Peter Blazek, energy expert at VKI, to help.ORF.at. It was checked how long it takes until the batteries are empty.

With the best batteries in the test, the flashlight lasted over five hours. All other Alkaline test products also managed to run for at least four to four and a half hours.

"We were surprised at how even the test results turned out. It was consistently rated as 'good' or 'very good'," says Blazek. It also showed that branded products are no better than cheap products.

Own brands ahead

The private label batteries from Lidl, Hofer and Spar S-Budget share first place with equal points. They achieved the longest running times in the test and at a price of 24 cents each (eight-piece pack for 1.89 euros). The Ikea own brand (20 cents each) was also rated “very good”. For branded products, Duracell (Industrial at 35 cents per item and Ultrapower at 1.98 per item) and Philips (PowerAlkaline AAA at 1.55 per item) achieved a “very good” and thus the best result. At up to two euros each, however, they cost a lot more than the no-name products.

Ultra cheap indicates outdated technology

But be careful: If the price is too low, this can indicate outdated battery technology. This was shown by the bottom of the test, the own brand of the discount clothing chain Kik. A battery costs only 13 cents here, but it is the completely outdated zinc-carbon technology. In the test, it didn't even last half as long as the worst alkaline battery.

Not only at room temperature, but also in the cold, all tested batteries had to prove their performance at zero degrees Celsius. Only the test winner, the Aerocell from “Lidl”, achieved a “good” result.

Price-performance winner: rechargeable batteries

However, rechargeable batteries offer an even better price-performance ratio than single-use batteries. “Of course they have a huge advantage. They are noticeably more expensive, but can be recharged almost indefinitely, ”says VKI expert Blazek. A rechargeable battery can replace 100-150 disposable batteries. “If you look at it that way, then they have an unrivaled price. Therefore they are the best solution for the environment as well as for the wallet. "

Beate Macura, help.ORF.at

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