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Scabies / scabies

The treatment of the scabies can usually be carried out successfully in a few days. It always consists of a combination of drug therapy (topical or oral) and comprehensive hygiene measures.

The parasites cannot be dealt with with water, soap and products for disinfecting the skin. And the effectiveness of herbal products such as neem or tea tree oil has not been adequately proven.

Also, formulations containing sulfur no longer correspond to the current state of medicine. Instead, effective drugs that are able to kill the scabies mites are available for the treatment of scabies. They are called scabicides or also antiscabiosa. Which active ingredient is prescribed in each case depends on the patient to be treated and the individual characteristics of the scabies.

Usually aexternal treatment (also called local or topical treatment) placed on the skin, for which the following active ingredients are possible:


These active ingredients are applied as a cream, ointment, gel or emulsion from the neck down to the entire body (like a body lotion), including the neck, neck, palms and soles of the feet. The head and face can be spared unless the skin is also affected by scabies in this area. When applying, the areas between the fingers and toes (including under the fingernails and toenails), wrists, elbows, armpits, external genitals and buttocks should be treated with particular care. The eyes themselves and the mucous membranes of the body orifices (including the nose and mouth) should be left out.

Children, demented or mentally disabled patients should be prevented from licking the cream, ointment, emulsion or gel from their hands. If necessary, they should wear gloves to avoid this.

Due to its high effectiveness against the itch mites and itching as well as its good tolerability, permethrin is considered to be the first choice for topical use. In addition to killing the scabies mites, it also kills their precursors (eggs, larvae and nymphs), so that a single application is usually sufficient.

It is advisable to trim the nails before the treatment, to take a full-body bath and to apply the drug only after the skin has dried and normal body temperature has been achieved (after about 60 minutes).