How do I treat my cat

First aid if your cat is injured in turf wars

Intruders back off when they feel intimidated. However, if a fight does occur, cats and tombstones can be injured. Sometimes these are immediately visible. It is more difficult to recognize internal injuries.

If your cat is visibly uncomfortable and not eating, this can be a sign of internal injuries. Older cats in particular have to struggle with the fact that they are more and more defeated in duels.

Self-Treating Injuries in Cats - and Symptoms You Should See to the Vet with

If you notice that your cat has been involved in a fight with another cat, examine the animal for injury.

Pay particular attention to the following signs:

  • limp - May be a sign of a bruise or a broken bone. If your cat is severely impaired and is slow to recover, it is advisable to see a veterinarian.
  • Swelling - can be a sign of bruises. If your cat allows it, try to cool the swelling. To do this, wrap an ice pack with kitchen paper or a napkin and place it on the swelling for a while. A cool pack is too cold for the sensitive eye area; it is better to use a wet washcloth here.

Bite wounds in which abscesses develop can also be noticeable as small swellings.

  • Blossoms - this always indicates an injury. Clean the wound with a lint-free cloth. Below we explain how to properly clean and disinfect your cat's wounds.
  • Small but deep wounds - are difficult to clean, so they can become infected easily. If in doubt, it is better to show your cat to the vet.
  • lethargy - the cat is not doing well. She hardly moves and does not react as usual. Give the cat rest so she can relax. If the condition persists, you should definitely consult a veterinarian.
  • Loss of appetite - if your cat does not eat it can be a sign that it is not doing well. Watch the animal and try to convince it with its favorite food.

These general measures help with injuries of any kind:

  • Quiet - try to avoid any kind of hustle and bustle in the garden and house so that the cat can relax.
  • Sleep - Sleep is the best medicine and cats have strong self-healing powers, which is why they are said to have nine lives. In the event of injuries, make sure that your cat can sleep undisturbed and is not woken up or picked up.
  • Offer fresh food and water - so that your cat is happy and eats.
  • Affection - show the cat that you are there and take care of them. Speak to her in a low, calm voice, but do not wake her up when she is asleep.