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News from the digital future! DVB-T, DVB-T2, MHP, HbbTV, ORF3, ATVII,


1 Information for the members of the audio-video technology Information for the members of the electronic communication technician No. 4 / October 2011 Official organ of the federal professional group of electronic communication technicians News from the digital future! DVB-T, DVB-T2, MHP, HbbTV, ORF3, ATVII, The conversion from analog to digital terrestrial around people (12 years and over) currently use in Austria was completed in Austria on June 7, 2011! terrestrial aerial television. Compared to the cable and satellite transmission structures, this is a market share of around 5. The digital dividend remains! (Frequency usage of UHF K61-69) percent. As already reported in AV-NEWS, the roll-out of DVB-T2 is expected in the spring of 2012 in the LTE broadband in the Mhz area due to multiple occupancy with disruptions. A circumstance that starts in the metropolitan areas of Austria. The reception tuners in the devices (CipThuner) have become more and more broadband in the entrance lately (no selectivity). The input range is often not coordinated with the oscillator and so sources of interference that are further away in the frequency range are the door and gate open. As a result, interference (even if the receiving system is HF tight, i.e. properly shielded) is to be expected. If the antenna and the cabling comply with the standard, the cause would have to pay for the removal of any interference. Please also send reports to the provincial guilds or the Viennese guild. Mail .: DVB - T 97.7 percent of Austrian households have been able to receive digital terrestrial television since June 7th. This means that 3.1 million Austrian households can receive DVB-T. In order to safeguard the core business of terrestrial television, the range of programs is being expanded in parallel to DVB-T using DVB-T2 technology and the picture quality is being significantly improved. The reasons given for the change are a larger number of programs, improved error protection and an up to 50% higher net data rate (up to 50Mbit possible). For the time being, only large broadcast systems will be equipped with DVB-T2. The frequency allocation capacity should in future be sufficient for 9 HD programs. With the new DVB-T2 standard, ORS would like to increase its terrestrial market share to 12 to 15 percent by 2015. The first DVB-T2 pilot tests have been running in Vienna at the Kahlenberg transmitter since spring 2010. ORF OK Multitext (MHP) is discontinued in favor of the picture quality of ORF2. MHP services are discontinued: -

2 In 2007 the ORF OK Multitext, the text-based additional service of digital terrestrial television, went on air. However, due to current technological developments, the MHP technical standard is outdated and is only used in Italy. With the discontinuation of the MHP service ORF OK Multitext, data rates obtained on the DVB-T platform are used for the benefit of the picture quality of ORF2, especially the regional programs. The new technology HbbTV is currently being tested by ORF. Hybrid broadband broadcasting TV HbbTV is to be seen after the discontinuation of MHP as a contemporary further development of teletext, which can also be recognized by the red button on the control element of HbbTV on the remote control. In addition to the major German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF and the private TV channels Pro Sieben and RTL, ORF is also testing the more modern technology of the standard. The ORF is also currently examining the possibilities for the Austrian market. ORF 3 starts on October 26, 2011 The culture and information channel ORF 3 can take over the broadcasting slot of the travel and weather channel TW1 on ASTRA. ORF Sport Plus, on the other hand, has to attract viewers to a new frequency. On the new ORF transponder, Astra Transp. 3, Mhz H Fec. 5/6. This is now the end of a curious frequency dispute. A new ATV transmitter, ATV II, will start on December 1, 2011 (on the Astra transponder 3.11244 Mhz H Fec. 5/6) DVB-H will not be pursued any further. MUX-D was intended for DVB-H. This nationwide multiplex platform MUX-D is now tendered for DVB-T2. Another look into the future. (Satellite reception without a dish!) With DVB - SH, television, radio and multimedia offers can be transmitted via satellite directly to cell phones, tablet PCs, car radios and other mobile devices. The otherwise common satellite dish is not needed for reception. LIM. Deputy Franz Kranycan

3 The ORF digital SAT card (ICE). Cryptoworks - card exchange to A real logistical challenge for the ORF is the SAT card exchange from Cryptoworks to Irdetto cards. The Cryptoworks card exchange for ICE cards will be carried out in several stages until 2015. About 2.3 million cards are affected. It starts with cards from the year 2004 to The costs amount to approx. EUR 40 million. The exchange price for the customer will be around 19 EUR Process: cards (test) cards cards cards. The customers are written to by ORF. You then have 6 weeks to report to the ORF using one of the methods shown and request a new ICE card. After the 6 weeks, the old Cryptoworks card will be deactivated! The ORF has now asked the Austrian communication technicians for help. The invitation via the ORF card cooperation agreed with the ORF was already sent to the Austrian communication technicians with a registration form. Every communication technician is free to take part in this campaign. A dedicated technician hotline was suggested and is being considered! Cable operators or maintenance companies of community systems are now being recorded by ORF on its homepage in order to get an overview of ORF card numbers that are used in distribution systems. These cards could now be outsourced from the normal exchange process so that there are no unforeseen shutdowns. The ORF will set up a central dealer registration on its homepage, where dealers can register in order to legitimize themselves for satellite ticket sales. Cards for retail sales are only sold with the CI + module. Single tickets are only available for ORF customers, directly from ORF customer service. Austria has its own HD platform with CI +. Managed by eviso-austria (austriasat), the HD channels of the RTL and SAT1-Pro7 groups can be found there for the time being. The restrictions on CI + are a matter for the broadcasters. The ORF will not use any restrictions on CI +. For HD Austria reception, the CI + receiver and CI + module (embedded CI + receiver), as well as the connection (pairing) with the ORF ICE card are the technical prerequisites! After a release test for the CI + module, the ICE card is available again in a package with a CI + module. Attention: The modules for Austria have their own software or serial numbers! For the time being there will be 3 module manufacturers of CI + Austria modules. LIM. Deputy Franz Kranycan Digital Radio DAB + Don't throw away the old VHF antennas! including 90elf-Das Fußballradio, Energy and Klassik Radio. DAB + is provided in band III and will be broadcast on channel 7 by the Schöckel transmitter in accordance with the international frequency plan, e.g. in Styria. So, dear colleagues, don't throw away the old Volume III, VHF antennas! There is currently no real start date for Austria, but: The DAB + trial with us will start in spring 2012 in Vienna and Vorarlberg. Germany started on August 1, 2011 with 14 digital radio programs. In addition to the three public broadcasters Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandradio Kultur and Deutschland Radio Wissen, the DAB + starter package includes eleven other programs from private providers, page 3 The industry quickly built up the range of end devices for receiving DAB + programs in the Federal Republic of Germany. There is already a wide range of digital radio receivers - from tiny ones in pocket size to car radios, portable devices with handles and stationary hi-fi components to radio alarm clocks. Even smartphones with DAB + receivers are already available. All DAB + radios can also receive programs that were previously broadcast according to the older DAB digital standard. And most of them also receive analogue FM. In addition, there are already combination devices that can receive Internet radio in addition to DAB +. LIM. Deputy Franz Kranycan

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5 ORF SPORT + Sports from 24 hours a day The new 24-hour special-interest channel ORF SPORT + starts on October 26, 2011, the national holiday. The program begins to make an important contribution to securing and expanding the diversity of the Austrian sports landscape. When organizing internati Uhr with the live broadcast of Jürgen Melzer's first round match at the Erste Bank Open tennis tournament in the Wiener Stadthalle. onal competitions in Austria such as the Football World Cup, the Judo World Cup or the Fistball World Cup, the TV coverage ORF SPORT + offers all sports fans a comprehensive sports program to complement the ORF's already existing sports program to be able to carry out these events in Austria. ORF SPORT + wants to become the main media partner of gramm. The focus of the reporting shifts to sports and sports competitions, which are usually not a large part of the organizing associations. Occupy media. Role. Regional and national events of Austrian sports associations and events are included in the program. ORF General Director Dr. Alexander Wrabetz: The start of two new 24-hour special-interest channels, ORF SPORT + and ORF III, is a milestone in the company's development and one of the most important or athletes compete. The live reporting takes a program project at ORF SPORT +. We are thus developing the ORF family of channels in the essential areas of sport, culture and information for our particularly high priority. The program content is intended to provide the population with comprehensive information on sporting issues and further the audience, thereby sustainably expanding our range of programs in core areas of public law. ORF SPORT + is committed to promoting the population's interest in active sporting activities. Lesser-known types of sport and their rules of practice, like ORF III, are thus also creating added value under public law that only ORF can offer as a service provider for Austria. ORF SPORT + den transports. Popular sport, school sport and the sport of people with special needs such as, for example, will become an indispensable additional offer for all those spectators who will also be given a lot of space for Austrian top-class sport and top-class sport in the Paralympics or the Special Olympics. Austria will also be enthusiastic about health-related aspects. The aim is to arouse interest in school sports and sports for the disabled. of sport and reported on the negative consequences of doping. Our program is intended to reflect the diversity of sport. The focus is on the performance of the athletes. offer the ORF the opportunity to develop new forms of broadcasting and formats. At ORF SPORT +, young people should be actively involved in ORF media work, whether school sport, disabled sport or the competing of Austrian athletes in international competitions. SPORT + is there! We mainly show sports that are usually not widely reported in the media, knows TV sports director Mag. Hans-Peter Trost. For the person in charge of the broadcast at ORF SPORT +, Mag. Veronika Dragon-Berger, who claims to have been socialized as a journalist at home despite her legal training, there is above all one in connection with the (further) development of the ORF sports thematic channel Aim to make a high quality program for all sport enthusiastic women and men. With reporting on sports that are usually less in the media spotlight, ORF SPORT + wants to be a future workshop, but ORF TV 2012 ORF III Culture and Information With the start of ORF III Culture and Information on October 26, 2011, a new 24-hour special-interest channel for culture and information goes on air on the previous frequency of TW1, which is aimed primarily at viewers interested in culture. (Questions about reception at or at max. 0.20 / min.) Based on the four program pillars, each day has a specific label and is dedicated to very specific subject areas. page 5

6 + Monday is documentation day. Litative high-quality ORF productions such as Land der Berge, Erleb- + Tuesday are all about art and culture. nis Austria, Klingendes Österreich, Natur im Garten, Mei liabste Weis, Ö-Bilder as well as numerous programs from Landesstudium + Religion und Wissenschaft are the focus on Wednesday. + Thursday will focus on Europe. + Friday is Austria Day, followed by + Contemporary History on Saturday. dios. On the Sunday evening before, ORF III draws on the fund of high-quality and, above all, current cultural and information programs from ORF 2 and shows, among other things. House of honor or press hour. + The program week is rounded off with opera, theater and concerts on Sunday. In order to further strengthen the understanding of democracy as well as the EU competence of the numerous synergies, such as the intelligent multi-Austrians, under the direction of ORF III editor-in-chief Christoph Takacs, the debate exploitation of high-quality content in other broadcasting zones, be used. This is why ORF III offers ambitious and thematic representatives from the Federal and National Councils live and in full length to enliven the program. With parliamentary inquiries and background programs from the ORF main programs, including also in cooperation with the regional studios in earlier time zones. In the last discussion programs like Austria Tomorrow, ORF III shows politics apart from the politics of the day. In addition to the comprehensive opera and theater program of ORF 2 and 3sat, ORF III will create another program line for the first week of programming for ORF III Culture and Information. Smaller anniversaries are also taken into account and exciting and substantial radio productions such as the Ö1 formats from the RadioKulturhaus are offered. An important goal of ORF III is to strengthen the understanding of democracy and European competence in Austria. With top-class discussions from the European Parliament, ORF III will increasingly bring European politics into domestic households. mation offers numerous highlights: On October 26th at 6 pm with Don Giovanni with Thomas Hampson in the title role (from the Salzburg Festival 2006), the first of all 22 Mozart operas, which ORF III is showing completely on television for the first time. On October 30th, the Mozart dance, also at noon and also from the Salzburg Festival 2006, with Le nozze di Figaro and others. continue with Anna Netrebko. On October 28th at ORF III, its KunstRaum is not only a stage for Austrian artists and cultural workers, but also makes space for number o'clock with the Oscar-nominated revenge, the first domestic film and then at o'clock from the series theater and rich self-pro -ductions such as the book program erlesen (with Heinz Sichrovsky), the cultural talk KulturWerk (with Barbara TV legends from Josefstadt Uncle Wanja with, among others, Hans Holt, Kurt Sowinetz and Erik Frey. Rett), the gallery and museum program from the frame (with Karl Hohenlohe) as well as the festival format Culture in Discussion Contemporary History made by ORF is due on October 29th (also with Barbara Rett). In the evening before, it is important not to compete with ORF 2 and 3sat, but to offer complementary programs. In the time zone up to o'clock, ORF III therefore plays documentaries that focus on the landscape as well as famous buildings and customs of Austria. From to o'clock, ORF III combines culture with culinary art and shows, among other things. Sarah Wiener’s culinary trip around the world. The daily fixed point for all those interested in culture is the 15-minute culture magazine Kultur heute, which is updated daily. The journalists Ani Gülgün-Mayr and Peter Fässlacher present not only the entire Austrian cultural scene but also the most important cultural events from the federal states. The Saturday evening is all about regionality, customs, culture, country and people. ORF III will be offering the first two episodes of the documentary series The Second World War on the program from Uhr qua Uhr. The first ORF III public holiday special will be dedicated to Reformation Day on October 31st from 11 a.m. with Rosa von Praunheim's Rosas Höllenfahrt and an interview with Bishop Michael Bünker. The next All Saints Day special is on the program on November 1st, including: with the legendary universe document Long live the central cemetery (8.15 p.m.) and Anita Natmeßnig's award-winning film Time to Go (9.15 p.m.) about dying. With Slumming, the next Austrofilm will be shown on November 4th at 6:00 p.m., Katzenzungen with Elfriede Ott will be on the program at 6:00 p.m. from Josefstadt. Helmut Qualtinger will be devoted to two more Kult.reloaded issues on November 5th, starting at 6:00 p.m. page 6

7 SAT analog shutdown on ASTRA on April 30, 2012 On April 30, 2012 a TV era will come to an end: The German problem children could only use the headends of community TV stations and will stop their analog broadcasting via satellite.In front of our German neighbors there is now a huge communal system where the property management will ignore all announcements and information for a change to the last haulage and information task in order to ensure a smooth transition to exclusively digital satellite reception. Because of the overwhelmed German market in the conversion phase, no desired products for a conversion will be available for several weeks. In 2012, this enormous communication and information task will primarily be faced by our German neighbors. In such a variant, ORF1 and ORF2 run on a different reception level and can also be received here after being switched off. In Austria, the terrestrial analogue switch-off where the majority of our viewers have opted for digital satellite is the catch. analog satellite share only very low. Informing the circuit is one of our most important tasks. Customers comprehensively and in good time via the Sat-AnalogabLIM. Deputy Franz Kranycan Austria is ready for HD With HD Austria, AustriaSat launches the most popular HD programs in Austria. The desire for more HDTV programs is increasing with the increasing spread of TV flat screens. According to the GfK study, high definition quality is very important, 46% of households already use a flat screen as their first and second device. die (end of 1st quarter 2011) is television for 53% of households Popular TV channels via HD Austria The HD Austria package from AustriaSat fulfills this wish of satellite households and offers the most popular private channels in high definition. Namely via the latest generation of the ORF DIGITAL SAT card, the ICE card. The TV channels PULS 4 HD, ProSieben Austria HD, SAT.1 Austria HD, kabel eins austria HD as well as Comedy Central HD, Nickelodeon HD, N24 HD and also RTL HD, RTL II HD and VOX HD have been in top Image and sound quality can be seen via HD Austria. With the HDAustria package, we optimally complement our austriasat offer. We are convinced that viewers who have experienced the HD quality in picture and sound will be delighted and will not want to miss it anymore, says Olaf Castritius, Vice President of the M7 Group. The HD Austria package at affordable and fair prices For the extensive HD Austria package, the viewer can refer to Page 7

8 + HDAustria-capable CI + module (Irdeto) for HD televisions with SAT- simply register via or the hotline. Tuner and CI + Slot + HD Austria-compatible CI + module (Irdeto) for HD SAT receivers with CI + There are two good offers when buying a new licensed technical slot The necessary end devices are available for the consumer: it is already available in the electronics trade and the consumer can test HD Austria for free + 3 months and choose for rich HDAustria-licensed end devices: pay just EUR 49.90 for another 9 months + HIRSCHMANN SAT Receiver S92 without activation fee. + WISI Receiver OR 196 and OR 605+ HDA + 3 months free trial of HD Austria and pay monthly EUR + Thomson Receiver TSR600CI + STRONG SRT 7300CI + 6.90 (commitment period: 12 months + CityCom CCR 546 K + TechniSat TechniStar IR (CI +) Term of notice: 1 month before Ver + LED TV sets from Loewe (54 TV sets) in connection with the HD Austria end of life, then monthly CI + module + Sony BRAVIA models (almost all models can be canceled) plus one active ) in connection with the HD Austria CI + module contribution of EUR 29.90. Further HD Austria-licensed devices will follow in the next few weeks. The combined package In cooperation with ORF and TÜV Austria, the HD Austria-licensed end devices Im Kom- are certified according to the new Irdeto 3.10 standard. The bi-package includes Olaf Castritius for cooperation with retailers: We work closely with retailers and the HD Austria broadcaster industry in order to be able to meet customer needs together. We carry AustriaSat's 16 SD channels with and at a price of EUR 12.90 per month (commitment period: 12 months, notice period: 1 month before the end of the contract, afterwards can be canceled monthly) without activation fees of EUR 44.80. the WKO and the federal guild of electrical, building, alarm and communication technicians talks in order to be able to receive HD Austria via cable and communal systems in the future. Numerous HD Austria-licensed end devices are already on the market HD Austria-compatible SAT receiver page 8

9 Sent to: Provincial guilds of electrical, building, alarm and communication technicians with the request for forwarding to member companies of communication electronics Members of the working committee for communication electronics Federal Guild of Electrical, Building, Alarm and Communication Technology Section Trade and Crafts of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Schaumburgergasse 20 / Vienna T 01 / F 01 / EW Vienna, at the clerk: Maria Milisits ORF card exchange cooperation KEL Participation for communication electronics technicians Dear Sir or Madam! The ORF approached the federal guild of electrical, building, alarm and communication technicians a few days ago and informed us about the possibility of cooperation on the upcoming Cryptoworks card exchange. The ORF invited communications electronics engineers to implement it. This creates new, perhaps unique opportunities for our industry and who of us can or would like to do without additional business. Information and background: Since the ORF is contractually obliged to exchange its ORF digital cards every 5 years for security reasons, there is now the possibility of a cooperation. The ORF has to exchange around 2.3 million cards by 2014. The ORF SAT digital customers are contacted directly by the ORF, several stages are worked out here (mailing, post, information on TV, etc.). As we know from experience, this card exchange will not go without problems (software update of the receivers, headends, software update CI modules, etc.). In order to offer ORF customers a special service, ORF will include a service voucher worth 30.00 euros including VAT with the exchange cards. This voucher can be redeemed at a participating communications electronics technician. As the name suggests, the voucher is only valid for the service and of course cannot be redeemed for a device purchase or in cash.

10 Processing: The names of the participating member companies will be published on the ORF Digital homepage or if the companies are recommended by ORF Digital or contacted directly (in preparation), in return the participating companies will redeem the voucher free of charge. The point of the matter is that we receive a corresponding advertising measure for the voucher (ORF digital homepage, mentioning on the voucher in TV spots, etc.) so that every single company has the chance to acquire new customers. Furthermore, this campaign highlights the competence of the communication electronics companies! This campaign starts at the beginning of the first stage of the card exchange, here approx. Cards are exchanged in various test areas. In spring 2012 and autumn 2012 additional cards will be exchanged across Austria. We would be happy if you take part in the campaign. Simply fill out the declaration of membership and send it to the federal guild. A start of the campaign is only possible if we can ensure comprehensive support. We ask for your understanding that we can only include companies with an email address in the mailing list, as the short process can only be implemented by email. Kind regards TechnR Ing.Josef Witke Federal Guild Master Ing.Martin Karall e.h. Chairman of Communication Electronics DI Christian Atzmüller, Federal Guild Managing Director

11 Declaration of membership for the ORF card exchange cooperation We hereby bindingly register our company for the ORF card exchange campaign: Name: Post code: City: District: Street: Contact person: Tel .: Fax .: By joining, we commit ourselves to every contact we have from ORF Digital are given to adhere to the following points: 1. We will contact every end customer contact received within 2 working days (appointment made). 2. The telephone consultation service is free of charge. If an on-site visit is necessary and an expense is charged for this, we will inform the customer of the probable amount prior to the visit. If the customer does not want to pay the costs, then the customer will not be visited either. 3. Should a business develop through the contact, the communications electronics technician will accept the service voucher worth 30.00 euros including VAT (applies only to the service). The voucher will not be replaced by the federal guild or the ORF, ie. this is a discount on the service! 4. As an entrepreneur, you are free not to charge the customer for the first visit. 5. On request, the Federal Guild will be provided with information about the course or success of the campaign. Joining the ORF card exchange cooperation is initially valid until the end of the legally binding signature / stamp Please return to: Federal Guild of Electrical, Building, Alarm and Communication Technicians 1040 Vienna, Schaumburgergasse 20/4 Fax: + 43/1 /

12 Sender: Kuratorium für Elektrotechnik, 1030 Vienna, Rudolf Sallinger-Platz 1, Tel: Zul.Nr .: GZ 02Z M P.b.b Vienna TELEFAX request for information to order Please use the symbol of the communication electronics technician. Documents for this can be requested from the KFE Contact person in the federal states: Witke, Ing. Josef, Bundes-IM Karall, Ing. Martin, Bundes BGO KE Article for communications electronics engineers Order article quantity no. Article description Packing unit Price in EUR 212 Findings: HG 701 / ÖVE / ÖNORM, antenna findings 20 18, test report folder (can be opened from the side) 1 15, KE adhesive labels (130 x 120 mm) 1 2.15 W Erich Ardatin T Lower Austria Wilfried Erler Franz Fidi SB Roland Göschl Ing.Franz Gottfried Hess Lower Austria W Rudolf Jursitzky Ing.Alexander Kerl Lower Austria Ing.Rudolf Knoll wall offset. The prices are exclusive of VAT! Subject to price changes! We order the above-mentioned ST Lower Austria Franz Kranycan Franz Neumeyer products for the earliest delivery on the stated conditions to the address given below: K OÖ Wolfgang Pizzera Franz Rckenschaub V Jakob Schnetzer Imprint: Editor: and publisher: Kuratorium für Elektrotechnik, RudolfSallinger-Platz 1, 1030 Vienna Responsible for content: KARALL Ing. Martin, pa Karall & Matausch GmbH, 1210, Hossplatz 17 Editing: Ing. Ernst Matzke, 1030 Vienna Typesetting, layout: Kuratorium für Elektrotechnik, where Printing: Odysseus printing company, Vrachoritis GmbH, Erlaaer Str. 20, 1230 Vienna 404 KE adhesive labels (letter seal adhesive), 00 Delivery is cash on delivery. Postage is based on the company: ZIP / City: Address: The publisher and editor cannot accept liability for the correctness of the publication despite careful checking of the content by the editorial team. Contributions marked with the name or sign of the author do not necessarily represent the opinion of the editors. COPY, ENVELOP, SEND - or FAX: (01) Page8 03/2011 Stampiglie / legally valid signature