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Forecast for Germany

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Last update: 23.05.2021, 5.38 p.m.

Intermediate high influence has a temporary effect on the weather. On Whit Monday, another low ridge spills over from the west to Germany. WIND: Until this evening on the Baltic Sea, a few stiff gusts 7 Bft yelled around the west. Otherwise only individual gusts 7 Bft, in some high altitudes stormy gusts 8 Bft. On Monday, especially in the west and south-west, sometimes a refreshing wind from south to west. Thereby gusts 7 Bft, occasionally 8 Bft. THUNDERSTORM: Until this evening in the east and southeast there are still local thunderstorms with stiff to stormy gusts (Bft 7 to 8) and small-grain hail. Decreasing in the evening. On Monday evening, partly strong thunderstorms in the west.


Prediction - today

Tonight alternating cloudy, eastward moving showers and thunderstorms. Windy near the coast. Cool. Dry at night. On Monday in the east bright, mostly dry, otherwise cloudy with rain, occasional thunderstorms.

Tonight alternately cloudy and especially in the eastern half showers, moving further east. Dry in the western half of Germany. Evening values ​​11 to 16 degrees. Moderate and sometimes strong gusty west to south-westerly winds, in the coastal area and in the mountains, sometimes stormy gusts. Dry on Monday night, often clear in the southern half. In the morning in the north-west and west there was an increase in thick cloud fields, first showers at the North Sea. Temperature minima around 10 degrees with clouds, up to 2 degrees with longer clearing up, then also local frost near the ground.


Forecast - tomorrow

On Whit Monday in the northwest half, many clouds with showers or shower-like rain, in the course of the course also sporadic thunderstorms. In the south cloudy to very cloudy with upcoming rain. In the east and northeast initially clear, during the day more clouds, but mostly dry. Highs between 14 and 20 degrees, in the east with lots of sun up to 24 degrees. Moderate, in the west and northwest, fresh and strong gusty southwest wind. Some stormy gusts on the mountains. On Tuesday night, shower-like rains gradually shifted to the south-east, and only local showers in the west and north-west. Lowest values ​​10 to 4 degrees. Initially, the wind eased, then the wind increased again in the western half.


Forecast - the day after tomorrow

On Tuesday in the south-east initially still rain, on the Alps for a longer period of time, otherwise showers and individual thunderstorms with changing to heavy cloud cover. Maximum values ​​between 14 and 18 degrees. Moderate to fresh, in some areas strong gusty southwest wind. Stormy in the mountains. In the night of Wednesday, especially in the northwest and west, shower-like rains continued, otherwise waning showers. Waning wind. Temperature drop to 8 to 5 degrees, sometimes up to 3 degrees in the mountains.


Forecast - Day 4

Cloudy to very cloudy on Wednesday. Repeated showers and thunderstorms or heavy rainfalls. Sun only for a short time. Still cool at 14 to 18 degrees. Moderate, at times gusty freshening westerly wind. In the night of Thursday, more showers or heavy rainfalls in some areas. Lowest values ​​between 8 and 4 degrees.