Should Michael Cohen's sentence be reduced

Washington (AP) - A sensational report by the news portal "BuzzFeed News", according to which US President Donald Trump is said to have spurred his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie, contains errors, according to Russia special investigator Robert Mueller.

"BuzzFeed's description of certain statements made to the special investigator's office and the characterization of documents and statements received by that office in relation to Michael Cohen's testimony to Congress are incorrect," said Mueller's spokesman, Peter Carr, in a statement .

"BuzzFeedNews" disseminated this statement from the Mueller office itself via its Twitter channel. Editor-in-chief Ben Smith stated, however, that the portal would stick to the presentation and stand by both the research and the sources used. Mueller had to make it clear what exactly was supposed to have been wrong, emphasized Smith. Mueller's reaction to media reports is extremely unusual.

BuzzFeed News reported that Trump had instructed Cohen, when he testified to Congress, to be untrue about the timing of how long the current president's corporate empire had been pursuing a major construction project in Moscow. The portal relied on two investigators who were involved in an investigation into the incident.

Trump accused Cohen in a Twitter message on Friday of lying to reduce his prison sentence. Cohen is about to face a three-year prison sentence after admitting, among other things, that he was involved in illicit campaign funding.

The report by "BuzzFeedNews" caused considerable excitement in Washington on Friday. Politicians from the opposition Democrats called for Trump to be charged with misleading the judiciary, while others said that this would bring impeachment proceedings closer.