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51 countries, 245 days: “Viking Sun” starts longest cruise in the world

For this trip around the world by cruise ship, the 930 passengers need a lot of time, more precisely: eight months. And a lot of money: at least 74,000 euros. The most expensive suite with 130 square meters even costs the equivalent of a whopping 226,550 euros per person.

The “Viking Sun” set off on Saturday, and by May 2, 2020 the luxury ship will be calling for 111 ports in 51 countries. If everything goes well, it could make it into the Guinness Book of Records as the “longest uninterrupted passenger cruise”. The shipping company Viking Ocean Cruises itself describes the trip as the "ultimate world cruise".

54 passengers take part in the entire world record cruise

The number of champagne bottles on board also sounds like a record: according to a report by the "Sun" it should be 10,000. The ship has space for 930 passengers. Not all of them have to take part in the record drive, but 54 guests actually want to dare, they have actually booked the 245-day trip.

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You can while away the time in several pools and spas on board, there is also a cinema, open lounge areas and eight on-board restaurants. And in between, of course, it goes ashore again and again. The ship makes stops in all continents except Antarctica.

Would you like a little foretaste of the first 150 days? First it goes from Greenwich in London to Ireland and Norway, then across the Atlantic to Greenland. From there, the ship continues via Canada to the USA, then via Puerto Rico, Barbados, Brazil, Argentina, Tahiti and Bora Bora to New Zealand.

If you want to know where the "Viking Sun" is right now, you can find it using the ship's radar.