Why are military officers Republicans?

Alexander Vindman : American hero

Alexander Vindman owes a lot to the United States. That is why he could not remain silent when he overheard the phone call on July 25 in which US President Donald Trump asked his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyi to investigate his political rival Joe Biden. Vindman is the top Ukraine expert on the White House National Security Council. As a "patriot," says Vindman, he felt obliged to officially express his concerns: namely, that such behavior could endanger America's security.

“The privilege of serving my country is not only based on my military service, but also on my personal history. I'm sitting here as a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army, me, a migrant. My family fled the Soviet Union when I was three and a half years old. ”This is how the 44-year-old began his testimony on Tuesday before the Congress. He weighs heavily on Trump. Vindman confirms the account of the anonymous whistleblower who tipped the scales in favor of the Democrats considering impeachment proceedings against Trump.

The Republicans attack him

For the Republicans, the highly decorated military officer Vindman is a problem. The defensive battle followed immediately. Trump himself calls him - without any evidence - a "Never Trumper", a Republican who is against him. Right-wing media suggest he can spy for Ukraine. These attacks went too far even for some conservatives in Congress: several warnings were given to treat him with respect.

Because Vindman's life is an American dream. After the mother's death, the father fled the Ukraine in 1979 with the three-year-old twin brothers Alexander and Yevgeny, an older son and the grandmother. The family had nothing with them except their suitcases and $ 750. They were Jewish refugees looking for a better life. Vindman grew up in "Little Odessa" in Brooklyn, New York, studied at Harvard, married a woman from Oklahoma and served in the army for 20 years, including in the Iraq war. He was wounded and awarded the "Purple Heart" medal for bravery. His brother Yevgeny, who is six minutes younger than him, is also on the National Security Council today. He is a lawyer and is consulted on ethical issues.

Alexander Vindman owes a lot to America. America owes a lot to Alexander Vindman. Many Americans hurt how their country thanks them.

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