What are the benefits of scrap wood

The advantages of wood construction

It's quick, can largely be prefabricated, creates a first-class indoor climate, makes a massive contribution to climate protection and allows more spacious room planning - building with wood is the trend. And it doesn't seem for a reason. The most important advantages of this construction method are summarized here for you.

Wood is a local, renewable raw material

Wood is an ecologically acceptable building material. The mostly domestic wood that is used for processing has correspondingly short travel distances for the material.

Wooden houses reduce CO2

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the environment, store the carbon and release the important oxygen back into the environment. The processing and use of wood in durable products binds carbon for years, which helps to reduce greenhouse gases.

Timber construction is dry and quick

Thanks to the factory prefabrication of wall and ceiling elements, wooden houses can be opened much faster than brick houses, for example. In addition, no moisture is brought in, so there is no drying time. But it would be important to continue the dry construction consistently inside and to forego wet screed and plaster.

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Wooden houses offer a high level of thermal insulation

As an extremely inert heat conductor thanks to its air-filled cells, wood is a very good insulator. The temperature fluctuations are delayed, the building material alone offers good insulation protection, which contributes to energy savings.

Timber construction offers up to 10% more space

With the same U-value, you can gain up to six square meters per floor with the help of wooden panel or wooden frame construction, as the following table shows. A brick and timber structure measuring 10 x 10 square meters with the assumed U-value of 0.15 W / m²K was compared. For the timber construction, the solid wood panel construction with thermal insulation composite system and the timber frame construction with installation level and rear-ventilated facade were taken into account.

Wall construction

Wall thickness

Space requirement

Solid wood panel

36 cm

13.88 m²

Wooden bars

37 cm

14.25 m²

20 brick

46 cm

17.55 m²

38 brick

52 cm

19.72 m²

Source: Our House, 2017 edition

Wooden houses have a very good indoor climate

Wood is good for us, that is a fact. The material has a pleasant and calming effect on us. And houses made of wood have been proven to ensure a healthy indoor climate with optimal humidity.