Are mathematicians smarter than authors like Shakespeare


What can you expect in this lesson?

In this lesson you will study the most important literary works in the English-speaking world. Surely you can speak at least two major English Works name, but do you also know them Authorswho are behind these works? You will also get to know them in this lesson.

UK authors

When asked which English authors you know, you will surely come first William Shakespeare a. But there are so many more influential authors from around the UK today. For sure, sooner or later you will also like authors G.B. Shaw and Charlotte Brontë Listen. You can find extensive information about them in this lesson. But also about authors, like Joseph Conrad, William Blake, W.B. Yeats, Jonathan Swift and many more you can find out about in this lesson.

Authors of the "New World"

With the term "New World" is meant here of course the continent of North America. Through the extensive landscapes and the often different "Way of life "However, there are clear differences in the styles of the authors. Above all, the most important authors from America are Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway and also John Steinbeck. You can also find out about authors here, such as Ezra Pound, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Orson Welles and Arthur Miller to inform.

Important works from the English-speaking world

Aside from the great authors of the English-speaking world, you can also deal comprehensively with the great literary works in this lesson. For example, here you will find summaries, so summaries, of works like Hamlet, MacBeth or Romeo and Juliet of William Shakespeare offered. But you will also find analyzes and background knowledge on works, such as Of Mice and Men of John Steinbeck or The Great Gatsby of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Whether you want to research for a presentation, have to study for an exam, or just want to deal more with English authors and works out of interest. The offer is rich!