Why is SWIFT dominant

Taylor Swift likes dominant men

Singer Taylor Swift admits she loves men who "take the lead" in the relationship.

Taylor Swift, who was already in a relationship with Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas, hates taking on the dominant role in a relationship, but still wants to be noticed.

"I want a guy to take the lead," she reveals to LOOK magazine. "Nevertheless, he also has to let me say something every now and then. In a good relationship everything revolves around balance and chemistry," explains the 20-year-old beauty, who is currently single. She makes it clear that she is actively looking for a new love, but she wouldn't.

"I don't wake up in the morning thinking, 'Am I going to find a boyfriend today?' In my opinion, it's more exciting when it's right in front of you and you can't ignore it because that someone has this indescribable attraction."

The singer is known to process her relationships in her songs, but that doesn't mean that her friends treat her differently, she claims. "Every guy that comes into my life knows I do. I've been doing this for three albums. It's easy for the guys to forget that I write about everything because it's my job and they write about me are together."

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