Did Einstein drink coffee or tea

Are you bored right now? Then dare to try this riddle: Albert Einstein is said to have invented it and supposedly hardly anyone can solve it.

The Einstein puzzle is one of the best-known logic puzzles * and is buzzing around the Internet in many different versions.

Allegedly, it is said to have been invented by the German physicist Albert Einstein - combined with the indication that only 2 percent of the population can solve it. Is that really true? Give it a try.

The Einstein riddle - who can crack it?

Stand in a street five houses side by side. One person lives in every house. All of them come from different countries, drink different drinks, eat different foods and each have a different pet.

What is known about the residents:

1. The Brit lives in the red house.

2. The Swede keeps a dog.

3. The Dane likes to drink tea.

4. The green house is directly to the left of the white house. (seen from the viewer standing in front of the houses)

5. The owner of the green house is drinking coffee.

6. The person who eats a banana has a bird.

7. The man in the middle house is drinking milk.

8. The resident of the yellow house is eating chocolate.

9. The Norwegian lives in the first house (far left as seen from the viewer).

10. The bread eater lives next to the person with the cat.

11. The man with the horse lives next to the person who eats chocolate.

12. The apple eater likes to drink beer.

13. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.

14. Germans like to eat potatoes.

15. The bread eater has a neighbor who drinks water.

Question: Who does the fish belong to?

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The solution

It's actually not that difficult if you are strategic. To solve the riddle, a table is available in which you enter the facts you already know one after the other.

Start with the Properties that are clearly established - for example with the milk drinker who lives in the middle house. In this way, the puzzle can be cracked with a little bit of brain work, just like in Sudoku:


In the end it stays with House number four only one option left - the owner of the Fish dwell.

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To continue the puzzle:

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