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New version of the Pega platform accelerates the development of better software

The leading app development platform and all Pega CRM apps have been given greater intelligence, more agility and greater control

Munich, June 9, 2017 - Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), leading provider of strategic software solutions for sales, marketing, service and operations, has presented the latest version of the Pega platform at PegaWorld. With improved intelligence, agility and control, it enables companies to develop applications faster and offer end users an optimized user experience. Thanks to new functions for artificial intelligence, collaboration and integration, better applications can be created more quickly as part of digitization initiatives.

The Pega platform is the leading application development platform and lays the foundation for operational excellence and world-class customer loyalty. It also combines industry-leading solutions for case management, BPM, robotics automation, AI and decision-making logic as well as mobile and omnichannel UX on a central platform. All Pega customer loyalty applications, including Pega Marketing, Pega Customer Service and Pega Sales Automation, as well as other popular industry apps, also benefit from the improvements and new functions. The most important innovations include:

  • Improved collaboration through real-time notification framework. With it, internal and external users can be informed about the latest project activities on the Pega platform at any time - for example changes to applications that are under development or new discussions among project members.
  • Improved AI control and greater transparency through AI Studio. This allows predictive models to be developed and controlled from a central location.
  • Better overview with the robotic automation console. The console facilitates the use and management of all automation elements - both controlled and non-controlled - via a single interface.
  • Smarter processing of customer emails. Based on artificial intelligence, the system recognizes customer concerns and creates new cases that are handled according to the respective case type.
  • Seamless integration of external DevOps tools. DevOps tools such as Jenkins, JFrog and Selenium can be integrated via new plug-ins.
  • More cloud options. This includes the possibility of using the Pega platform with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Microsoft Azure and AWS.

In addition, the new version of the Pega platform also includes important features that were introduced at the beginning of the year. This includes:

  • Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant - an AI bot that turns applications into intelligent assistants on any channel, from SMS and email to Facebook, Alexa, Slack and many more.
  • Pega Agile Workbench - A new visual application development tool that simplifies business and IT collaboration, enabling better software to go to market faster.
  • Pega Workforce Intelligence combined with the Pega CRM applications - the interaction enables companies to make sales and customer service activities even more effective through desktop analytics, machine learning and robotics automation.

The Pega platform connects previously separate areas of companies and systems, optimizes the customer experience and improves operational efficiency. Pega provides a code-free, visual environment, enabling faster developments, faster changes and lower development costs. Pega's centralized, cloud-enabled architecture enables end-to-end user experiences that adapt to business requirements while ensuring flexibility and investment protection at all times.

“In the face of highly dynamic markets, companies now have to react faster than ever in order to keep pace with customer requirements,” says Axel Kock, Managing Director at Pegasystems in Munich. “The Pega platform enables real digital transformation by supporting companies in all their steps with flexible and scalable technology. The new version builds on our market-leading platform and helps companies stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation. "

Leading market research companies have ranked the Pega platform as a technology leader in studies. These include:

The new version of the Pega platform will be available in June. Further information can be found at http://www.pega.com/products/pega-7-platform

The innovations of the Pega platform were presented at this year's PegaWorld conference in Las Vegas. Industry leaders and innovators come together at the event to discuss the issue of customer loyalty in today's business world. Further information and a live recording of the keynote events can be found at https://www.pega.com/events/pegaworld.

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Pegasystems (NASDAQ: PEGA) offers pre-packaged software applications for sales, marketing, service and operations. Pega solutions include Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for an optimized customer experience - across channels and in real time. Pegasystems customers include some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. Pega applications are available on-premise or in the cloud and are developed on the uniform Pega platform. The implementation of critical business processes can easily be expanded on the platform with its visual tools and quickly adapted to changing company requirements. More information is available at www.pega.com.

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