Why are adults not allowed to play

Interview: Why adults (should) play

Dr. Boy, how exactly do you define games?

Playing isn't just one thing. We can play music, theater or even board games. Games have been with us for thousands of years, only the media and forms have changed. The term actually means that we disconnect from everyday life.

Why is it important that we play?

Gaming is a crucial phenomenon and important to our lives. Even children are starting to explore the world through play. We always learn something new through play - for example, how to interact with others while doing sports and stick to the rules. Later on, we transfer game knowledge to other invented structures such as companies, institutions or even in the design of lessons at school. Innovation always has something to do with dealing with problems in a playful way. This is something that adults should do more and have to do again in an entrepreneurial environment - start experiments, simulate and run through scenarios. Because the system in which we work is changing so radically as a result of digitization that we are forced to play more mentally, also professionally.

And besides the professional reasons?

Keyword digital detox. Playing is a change from digitized everyday work
Sitting in front of the screen all day, buying another cardboard box and doing game rounds with friends.

Can it have negative consequences if people hardly play?

Yes, this means that they only ever have one solution in mind, they often have a very one-sided behavior and approach to problems. They believe there is no alternative to anything and do not really perceive the complexity of the environment.

But what do adults actually play?

For example, casual games on smartphones: Millions of people play when they are sitting in the subway or standing at the bus stop. But in addition to the digital games on offer, there are many game concepts that also appeal to adults. In addition to card games, escape games are currently enjoying great popularity. And role-playing games, such as the werewolf series, are also a trend among adults.

Show me what you play and I'll tell you what values ​​you believe in. Is that possible?

I wouldn't say that across the board. Playing makes it possible to mentally dwell in another world. But just because someone is playing a racing game doesn't mean they want to be a racing driver. What we can deduce are strengths and weaknesses. For example: You like to play brain games and strategy games, so you have yours there