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How often does Google crawl a website?


Nothing specific is not known. This is how the eminently important process of crawling websites through Google could be described. Some webmasters who put a new page online wonder why it cannot be found even after many days - others are amazed that it appears in the index the next day or the day after that. Google itself keeps itself fairly covered with information on how often it sends its spiders.
The only halfway concrete statement about this is that it is algorithms that - how could it be otherwise - determine the point in time and the intervals in which this happens. We can confirm that crawling takes place regularly, but we also don't know the exact rules that Google uses.
Google itself recommends following the guidelines for webmasters so that crawlers can find, rank and index the website more easily. In principle, the topicality of a website plays a major role. If new content, new backlinks or new social signals are added, the probability of being read by the spiders in a timely manner is high.
If, on the other hand, a few changes are made to the design of the website, that is not so interesting for Google. If you want your website to be crawled as often as possible, you have to regularly provide new interesting content on your site.

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