Who is the best guitarist in improvisation

What you should pay attention to with the pentatonic improvisation, so that it sounds "official", that's what this video is about. I'll tell you 7 pentatonic tricks used by the pros! Read more ...

Tags: guitar pentatonic, guitar solo, guitar improvisation

This video is about a problem with the term scale. This term often confuses the understanding of scales, and so many guitarists use only a fraction of the possibilities when playing solo. Here you will find the crucial tips for improving your improvisation skills on the guitar! Read more ...

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How can you practice improvisation on the guitar? A great way to improvise more interesting guitar solos is to learn scale sequences. Read more ...

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This video is about how to use the major scale on the guitar not only as a technique exercise, but also to improvise. You will receive 3 tips for the transition from exercise to improvisation. Have fun! Read more ...

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How do you know which pentatonic scale fits over a chord progression?
In this video from the field of practical harmony theory, I will use an example chord progression to show you how you can find the right pentatonic scale or the right pentatonic scale for improvising with or without a guitar.

Tags: guitar improvisation, guitar harmony

In this video you will learn in 7 steps how to add more rhythm to your guitar solo. I will show you exercises on the guitar that will help you to better practice the often neglected rhythmic side of improvisation and to integrate it into your guitar solos in the long term.

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03/01/18 11:57 Category: Guitar for beginners

Today is about how you can learn to improvise on the guitar. I'll show you a way to get started with the pentatonic scale, if you want to learn to play solo, this is the most important scale. In this video, I'll show you the first steps to learn the pentatonic scale on the guitar. You will learn six tones at a certain point on the fingerboard, which will then directly serve as sound material for improvisation on the guitar. You will notice: Everyone can learn to improvise on the guitar! Continue reading...

Tags: guitar improvisation, guitar pentatonic

How to incorporate chord tones into a guitar solo, I'll give you 7 tips in this video. Improvising with chord tones is one of the solo concepts for advanced guitarists. Unlike playing a single pentatonic or major scale, this requires you to play different notes over each underlying chord.
I will show you how to practice this in the video! Read more ...

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In this video, I'll tell you five things that I learned from the exceptional guitarist Eric Johnson. Read more ...

Tags: guitar improvisation, guitar pentatonic

In this video for advanced rock guitarists, I'll show you a technique exercise on alternating strokes and synchronizing both hands.
The exercise is based on a Gary Moore Lick, a typical solo figure that he used in many of his hard rock solos.

Tags: guitar finger exercise, playing guitar fast, guitar technique, guitar improvisation

Dominant seventh chords are common in songs of many styles of music, not just blues.
For beginning guitarists, they are mostly the next group of chords after mastering the pure major and minor triads.
When it comes to playing solo, i.e. improvising on these major chords with a minor seventh, it is often unclear which scales fit the dominant seventh chord.
Reason enough to deal with improvisation concepts on dominant seventh chords in today's episode.

Tags: guitar improvisation, guitar improvising on dominant 7th chords

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