Which city is known as the Eternal City

The antique


Before that, two groups of Indo-European peoples had immigrated. The Sabines belonged to one of the two, the Latins to the other. Only the Latin language remained of them.

The legend of the Trojan hero Aeneas was already known in ancient times. The son of Aeneas was Ascanius, who founded the mother city of Rome, Alba Longa. The mythological story, the "Aeneid", written by Virgil (70–19 BC), shows us the founding of Rome: According to it, the Latins settled in Lazio, the Sabines on the northernmost hill Quirinal. The shepherd Faustulus is said to have saved the twins Romulus and Remus from the Tiber. They had previously been fed by a she-wolf. Romulus slew his twin brother in a dispute and became the first king of Rome. The "Capitoline Wolf" is a sculpture that was apparently created by the Etruscans in the fifth century BC. The two boys who are suckled by her date from the 15th century. The legendary founding year of Rome is 753, but this is irrelevant for the writing of history. Romulus and Roma are said to be linguistically derived from the Etruscan family of Ruma. The main area of ​​the Etruscans (Tusci) was Tuscany. The cities of Modena, Parma and Bologna were also founded by the Etruscans.

Back to Romulus: At one of his great festivals, to which large numbers of people flocked, the Romans robbed girls and women, especially the Sabines, probably because they were known for their beauty. Around 400 BC The Celts (Gauls) invaded from the north. Among other things, they conquered Rome and largely burned the city down. 300 years later Gaius Julius Caesar was to conquer Celtic Gaul and add it to the Roman Empire.

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