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Olivia Manning: The greatest wealth. The Balkans Trilogy, Volume 1

Rowohlt Verlag, Hamburg 2020
ISBN 9783498001490, hardcover, 464 pages, EUR 24.00
[…] Translated from the English by Silke Jellinghaus. Harriet Pringle travels east with her husband through a war-threatened Europe. Guy has been working in Bucharest for a long time, well ...

Mick Herron: Dead Lions. A case for Jackson Lamb

Diogenes Verlag, Zurich 2019
ISBN 9783257070460, hardcover, 480 pages, 24.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the English by Stefanie Schäfer. Two agents from Slough House, a siding of MI5, are tasked with protecting a Russian oligarch whom the British ...

Olaf Kühl: Last game Berlin. novel

Rowohlt Berlin Verlag, Berlin 2019
ISBN 9783737100755, hardcover, 352 pages, 22.00 EUR
[…] The tour guide Konrad Mauser, unsuspectingly, gets caught up in a secret service operation in Berlin. The CIA thinks he is the murderer of a Russian defector, which makes him go into hiding.

Kate Atkinson: Code name Flamingo. novel

Droemer Knaur Verlag, Munich 2019
ISBN 9783426281307, hardcover, 336 pages, 19.99 EUR
[…] Translated from the English by Anette Grube. "'See it as an adventure,' Perry had said at the very beginning. And that's how she had felt about the espionage service. A joke, she had thought.

Mick Herron: Slow Horses. A case for Jackson Lamb

Diogenes Verlag, Zurich 2018
ISBN 9783257070187, hardback, 480 pages, 24.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the English by Stefanie Schäfer. River Cartwright is a retired MI5 agent, and he's tired of just searching garbage bags and transcribing taped phone calls. ...

Arturo Perez-Reverte: The price you pay. novel

Insel Verlag, Berlin 2017
ISBN 9783458177197, hardcover, 295 pages, 22.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the Spanish by Petra Zickmann. The spy Lorenzo Falcó is charismatic, has a hand in hand and is facing the most daring mission of his life. It's the turbulent ...

John Le Carre: The Legacy of the Spies. novel

Ullstein Verlag, Berlin 2017
ISBN 9783550050121, hardcover, 320 pages, 24.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the English by Peter Torberg. 1961: Two people die on the Berlin Wall, Alec Leamas, British top spy, and his girlfriend Liz Gold. 2017: George Smiley's former ...

Sally Mcgrane: Moscow at midnight. novel

Europa Verlag, Munich 2016
ISBN 9783958900134, hardcover, 312 pages, 17.99 EUR
[…] From the American by Marieke Heimburger. Max Rushmore, a former Russia expert who has just been downgraded by his employer, the CIA, is supposed to have the estate of Sonja Ostranova ...

Gerhard Seyfried: Damn Germans. Spy novel

Albrecht Knaus Verlag, Munich 2012
ISBN 9783813504279, hardcover, 416 pages, 22.99 EUR
[…] professional spies will be repurposed and thus Vivian, her father and herself endangered to the utmost. Gerhard Seyfried tells this story of the war in the middle ...

Jasper Fforde: The Jane Eyre Case. novel

dtv, Munich 2004
ISBN 9783423243797, paperback, 376 pages, 14.50 EUR
[…] Translated from the English by Lorenz Stern. Can you imagine a world in which literature is taken so seriously that there is a special unit to protect it from counterfeiters? ...