What is a monthly credit card statement

Information on credit card billing

... an unknown transaction appears on the credit card statement?

You cannot assign a turnover on your statement or in the current turnover? Unlawful encumbrances can have different reasons.

  • Please first complain to the dealer about a double charge on sales or a charge for goods that have not yet been delivered.
  • If you have an unknown retailer name, consider what you paid on the receipt date. Some dealers supply strange names.
  • Revenues that are clearly not made by you indicate misuse / fraud. In this case, complain to us about the turnover immediately and report it to the police.

For a complaint, please use the complaint credit card transactions form (PDF 80 KB).

You can find more information about the complaint in our FAQ.

Our advice: so that you can quickly identify unauthorized transactions, check your statements or credit card transactions regularly.

... a credit card statement has been lost?

This is basically annoying, but not unsolvable. We would be happy to create duplicates of the required statement for you at a later date. However, this is chargeable. We will send the copies by post to the address you have stored with us.

Good to know: In the sales display in banking you can see the sales for the last 3 years. Perhaps the display or a printout is sufficient.