What is a primordial bag for cats

Pot belly in cats

Pot belly, flabby belly, fat apron or paunch - all these terms stand for a flabby belly, which you can often see in cats.
There is even an English technical term for the pot belly in cats: primordial pouch. In German "Ur-Beutel".

As long as your cat doesn't appear generally overweight, you don't need to worry about the pendulous tummy. There is no health impairment here.

This pot belly in cats is something completely normal and, depending on the breed and heredity, occurs more pronounced in some kitties. Big cats like tigers and wild cats have it too!
They all have one thing in common: The pot belly in cats is natural and has anatomical reasons.

Combat protection

The excess skin serves to protect the abdomen. As you may already know, the abdomen / abdomen with its vital soft tissues is the most sensitive part of the cat's body. Therefore, in fights between cats, the goal is to hit the stomach.
When fighting, the Primordiale Pouch offers extra protection against kicks and claws. It's kind of a cushion. This combat protection is provided by nature anatomically with the buffing bellies.


More mobility

Protecting the organs is not the only thing the pot belly can do in cats. Thanks to the belly flap and the extra portion of skin, the cat is also more elastic and has more freedom of movement. With the pendulous belly, your cat can stretch further and more easily. This is especially helpful when climbing. The race is actually faster with it.


Pot belly only after castration?

Some owners often notice the pot belly in cats after neutering, but this has nothing to do with it directly. The accumulation of fat in the cat's belly usually develops with sexual maturity. Connective tissue becomes weaker with age. Castration, which changes your cats' hormones, can cause the connective tissue to become even weaker.

The bumpy stomach does not necessarily come from being overweight.


The pot belly should not become a fat store

As long as your cat is not generally overweight, has a healthy weight and the stomach is "wobbling nicely", the pot belly in cats does not mean that they are sick. You don't have to go to the vet!

ATTENTION Exceptions: If the pot belly suddenly becomes larger and even swells, but also if you feel something unusual on the stomach, you should consult your vet to be on the safe side. Sometimes accompanying symptoms such as apathy or loss of appetite also occur. These are red flags that shouldn't be ignored.



Pot belly in cats - summary:

  • A small pot belly is normal!
  • It serves as combat protection and makes your cat more flexible and stretchable.
  • Monitor your cat's weight. Unhealthy fat can accumulate in the abdominal area.


Finally, my cat Pepper shows you her fluffy buffy bellies:



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