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Paintball Guns - Used vs New

As with every sport, the equipment is the be-all and end-all. With paintball, too, tools and accessories can be divided into several quality and price classes. Numerous online shops offer a large selection of products that can be bought either as a set or individually. The types of the correct marker and the different price and quality classes are explained in more detail here.

The operation of how to use a paintball marker correctly also plays an important role in this adventure sport and is detailed below. Do you want to know whether it pays off to buy a new marker or rather to use a used one and where to buy it? Then read on here.

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How do paintball guns work?

In paintball, the marker is the core of the sport, as it is the tool for the game and thus the main item of equipment. The function of the paintball weapon leads back to the high degree of compression, which is driven by gas and ensures a faster passage of the paintball through the marker. The marker or the air rifle is filled with colored balls or gelatine balls made of food coloring. The gelatin balls are made from pig skins.

These balls of paint are considered to be marvels of engineering and composition. You need to be strong enough to fire 200mph at an initial speed of around 91m / s without breaking and popping open at the right moment without causing injury on impact. The quality of the paintballs also affects the pain of impact. If the paintball is of a better quality and breaks open at the right moment, painful injuries can be prevented. The deformation of the paintball when touched greatly increases its time, thus reducing the force (and stab) of its impact.

To accomplish this task, paintballs are made with a tough but elastic outer coating of gelatin with a liquid center. The process by which liquids are made into a gelatin shell is called encapsulation. Encapsulation technology has its origins in pharmaceuticals. All markers work on the same basic principle - a paintball is started with compressed gas. Gases can be compressed easily because there is so much space between the molecules.

When the marker is cocked, a paintball falls from the funnel into the barrel. When the trigger is pulled, a rapid burst of compressed gas is released directly behind the paintball, propelling it forward at an initial speed of up to 91m / s.

What is the best paintball gun?

With the large selection, you have probably already asked yourself which is the best paintball weapon? The markers come in a variety of brands and models - from pistols to semi-automatic rifles. Some models can fire 100 paintballs at 30 per second from a single 12 gram CO2 cartridge. Extra large funnels (the storage chamber in which the paintballs are stored before they are fired) offer space for up to 250 paintballs.

Fully automated models are available, but are prohibited on most fields. There are even paintball landmines that spray paint when you perform. The best paintball weapon is difficult to define because the range of providers is constantly increasing and the selection is enormous. The markers are differentiated according to the degree of professionalism. In order to compare the markers on the market, factors such as price, quality, brand and type of use as well as handiness must be selected and the best one must be selected.

The is known in the industry DYE M2, which is generally one of the front runners because it has the best values ​​overall and is suitable for professional players. The new version has the MOSAir board for induction charging and the subsequent connection to the eVoke system and loader. Planet Eclipse is the most expensive variant and advertises luxury goods of the highest quality. The model therefore also applies to professional players Planet Eclipse CS2.



What does a paintball gun cost?

The second question you're probably asking yourself is what does a paintball gun actually cost? The price of a marker varies depending on the brand, performance and degree of use or deployment. Models like the DYE M2 and Planet Eclipse CS2 have the highest price on the paintball market for a reason.

  • The DYE M2 model has an original price of EUR 1,799.95, which has since fallen to EUR 1299.95.
  • The Planet Eclipse CS2 model is currently at 1,499 euros.

The cheaper versions with a good quality include the Shocker RSX (without low-pressure regulator) but one of the lightest models and the Empire paintball marker also produces models between 700 and 800 EUR.

Where can you buy a paintball gun?

The markers can be bought directly from the supplier, which also guarantees high-quality equipment such as DYE, Planet Eclipse, Empire, Smart Parts. The range is very wide and ranges from models for beginners to professional paintball players. For Germany, the online shop www.paintballsports.de also applies, where a clear overview of all models and brands in various price ranges is offered. Paintball.de also offers a wide range in an online shop.

Even www.amazon.de is dedicated to the range of markers. If you prefer to get advice directly in a shop, almost each of these online shops also offers a branch where most models are within reach and the handiness can also be assessed directly on site. If the markers are too expensive when new, there is the possibility of buying them used. Platform such as www.willhaben.at can be used for used paintball weapons.

Paintball guns New

As with any new device, it can be assumed that a certain degree of security is guaranteed when purchasing it. The condition of the marker is functional, flawless, up-to-date and automatically comes with a two-year guarantee. The capacity of the device is longer than that of used goods. In most cases, professional advice is included in the price of a new purchase.

Another advantage is the availability and reliability directly on site, which at the same time represents support in the processing of a quick and uncomplicated sales contract. However, the high prices for purchasing a marker can be mentioned as a disadvantage. However, buying a new one is considered counterproductive, as the used goods are sometimes just as flawless and functional as the new goods.

Paintball guns used

In the case of a private sale, both the guarantee and the exchange or exchange can be completely excluded. This increases the risk of non-functionality. The capacity of the device can be estimated depending on the remaining or remaining useful life. Most players sell their goods for lack of space, non-use and for economic reasons. The purpose is just as fulfilled as with the new product, since it is in a very good condition and at the same time results in an enormous cost reduction.

The downside, however, is not being up to date with the latest technology. The latest merchandise is often overvalued and does not always match the actual starting price.

Does a paintball gun set pay off?

A beginner paintball set is usually offered for beginners. This is not only cheaper, but also the quality corresponds to the beginners' goals. So if you want to play professionally, need the best and most up-to-date equipment, play regularly and have a certain amount of know-how, you will be more likely to use separate, higher-quality equipment. However, players who choose professional equipment will have to dig deep into their wallets as high-quality, modern equipment costs more.

What is included in the paintball weapon set?

A wide variety of paintball sets are offered on various platforms. Several pieces of equipment that are useful for playing or that are also considered accessories can be purchased at the same time with a certain model of the marker. A paintball set includes a marker, barrel sock, loader, HP compressed air system and a glass mask. Another set includes a marker, front handle, loader, valve tank and a single glass mask.

It can be combined with a wide variety of accessories. However, the paintball marker is always the basis for the equipment in every paintball set.

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This is how you can find the best paintball gun

As with most devices, a paintball marker can be divided into different price and quality classes. Which one should choose depends on the individual player and their game goals or game intentions. If the player already has the basic equipment and is more familiar with the game scene, he is more likely to resort to more expensive and modern accessories or a new marker.

A paintball marker not only differs in handiness and weight, but also the performance values ​​play a role. The best guns include the well-known brands DYE, Planet Eclipse, and Empire. These differ in terms of performance and price. The absolute front runner is currently the DYE M2 and Planet Eclipse CS2. These are either available directly from the individual providers or in special paintball shops and their online shops.

If you don't want to spend so much money, you can also use a used marker where you have to weigh whether it is worth the risk that the life of the device may not last as long and no refund or exchange is possible. You can also save money with a paintball set that is made up of a marker and its accessories can be combined depending on the provider.

A paintball set is recommended for beginners, as the quality is not that high, but the essentials are provided for this.


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