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Makro is a fourth generation company that specializes in steel, tools and steel processing. In the steel division, the company offers sheet metal, pipes, steel bars, fittings and wires. Gates and fences also play an important role in Makro.

In the tool category, the portfolio consists of milling and turning tools, clamping tools, surface processing, screwdriving tools and hand tools. Measurement technology, operating requirements, power tools and operating equipment are also integral parts of the range. There are also lubricants, cordless screwdrivers, drills, jigsaws, circular saws, hand tools as well as welding equipment and work clothing.

In processing, the range consists of laser cuts, plasma cuts, oxy-fuel cuts and carrier cuts.

The company's origins now go back more than 100 years. Right from the start, the company concentrated on trading in coal and iron. In 1951, Max Krohn founded the company Max Krohn und Sohn, which was renamed in 1985 to Makro-Stahl Max Krohn und Sohn Handels-GmbH and Co. KG. The company has been called Makro Handels-GmbH und Co. KG since 2011.

In view of the sale of the building technology division at the end of 2015, the company relied increasingly on its origins in the steel sector. In addition to the steel trade, including the associated laser and flame cutting and processing services, the product range today consists in particular of tools, factory equipment and occupational safety.

The company is at home in Itzehoe in Schleswig-Holstein. The city is located in the Steinburg district. (tl)

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Technical wholesale from Itzehoe is a company in the technical wholesale sector. The company profile is in preparation.

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