What is an EMT drill

With a fine tip: 25 ENT wood drills in a case

While drills for metal are available in almost all dimensions, the variety of wood drills is often poor. ENT is now offering a set of 25 sharpened wood twist drills with a center point and precutter in half-millimeter increments. In contrast to rolled drills, the drills in the set (from 1 to 13 millimeters) are ground from the solid material. This promises a precise concentricity, because the drill was not deformed during production as with rolled drills. We were now able to convince ourselves of the quality in our workshop.
The HSS drills even plunge into hard oak without play. The cut edges are neatly cut, the inner wall of the borehole is smooth. Chips are removed quickly and without leaving any residue.
In addition to the high quality of the drills, the attractive packaging is also impressive. The drills come in a sturdy and clear plastic box. When opening the cover, the three rows of drills, one behind the other, fold open like a fan. In this way, the large drills at the rear can also be easily reached.

"Duradrill" wood twist drill set in half-millimeter steps from ENT

The biggest advantage of this set, however, is that the 1 to 13 millimeter thick drill bits are also available in half a millimeter increments. Now there is an end to switching to metal drills in these half sizes. The drills are suitable for hand-held or stationary drilling machines. The set called "Duradrill" costs around 77 euros from the retailer Toptools.

More information: www.toptools.24.de