Can you wear 2 leggings at the same time?

Your Powerleggs online training with Gymondo

Effective workouts for beautiful, slim legs. 4 weeks of free training plus a EUR 8 discount for Powerleggs.

Because it works!

8 good reasons

Reduction of the leg circumference

The compression effect of the powerleggs makes your legs significantly slimmer. The blood circulation is promoted and the fat burning takes place much faster.

Cellulite reduction

powerleggs stabilizes your connective tissue through its texture and has a tightening and firming effect at the same time.

Refinement of the complexion

By tightening your skin, your legs look even more beautiful.

More beautiful silhouette of the legs

powerleggs improves blood circulation and provides more oxygen in muscles and cells: this increases fat burning and your legs become even firmer.

No slipping

Perfect fit - not too tight and not too wide - and your powerleggs will hold up. The annoying sliding is finally over.

Breathable and skin-friendly

Even if you sweat, you are supported and powerleggs allows breathable liquid to escape. powerleggs does not rub against your legs, which is gentle on your skin.

100% well-being

Thanks to the optimal fit and no squeezing, you are guaranteed to feel comfortable in the powerleggs. Numerous reviews show that customers' legs feel lighter.

Shorter warm-up phase for the muscles

The muscles heat up faster due to the blood circulation. powerleggs therefore also supports you in sports.

For women who want more

How do I use my powerleggs for optimal success?


Wear your powerlegss for every sport - whether in the gym, yoga, jogging, classes or horse riding.

everyday life

In order to use the effect even more optimally, you can also integrate your powerleggs into everyday life - it supports your muscle activity with every movement. In this way, house cleaning and every step at work are used more efficiently and your complexion is improved at the same time.


To support and accelerate the regeneration of your muscles, you should also wear your powerleggs after exercise. This stimulates your blood circulation at rest and the breakdown of waste products (lactate) in the muscles.


Choose the right size of the powerleggs so that the compression of the pants can work perfectly. The instructions for this can be found clearly explained in our shop.

Dr. Tanja Kühne - sports scientist

Which successes do you achieve exactly?

After just a few training units of 30-40 minutes each, the skin and cellulite had improved in all women, and the size of the thighs and bottom was reduced.

Katrin Rose - athlete

Why do you wear powerleggs®?

Powerleggs® improve the oxygen supply and blood flow and stimulate regeneration.

Johann Federenko

What do you say to powerleggs as a man?

My girlfriend wears them regularly during sports and in her free time. She loves the results and so do I.


The powerleggs will get you in shape! Trust in their effect, as do multitudes of women before you! Quickly visible results, lasting success and suitability for everyday use are only 3 strong arguments for your new attractive legs and your firm bottom.

Together with the Powerleggs for the greatest possible success

Firming gel to reduce cellulite. The highly effective substances from menthol, camphor, nicotinic acid derivative and horse chestnut extract support the breakdown of fat, strengthen the connective tissue and smooth the complexion. Highly concentrated hyaluron helps the skin to store moisture and makes it soft and supple. Application: Apply a thin layer to the problem areas of the skin twice a day and massage in gently.

  • Kerstin, 37 years

    "I have been wearing my powerleggs for every workout for three years - I can no longer imagine without it. Not only have the tiredness of my legs improved during and after exercise, but above all I can feel a significant strengthening of the connective tissue on my legs . Finally I dare to wear short skirts again in summer! "

  • Sabrina, 23 years

    "The powerleggs® was recommended to me by my best friend. I mainly do sports at home and regularly go jogging with my powerleggs®. It fits perfectly with every movement and supports my success. My favorite sentence since then? Goodbye cellulite!"

  • Martina, 56 years

    "In my job as a nurse I am always on the move and on my feet. That can sometimes be very exhausting, especially in summer my legs tend to retain water and feel extremely heavy. For about a year now, the powerleggs® has accompanied me to my workplace every day and I didn't have any more problems! "

  • Long-term success with powerleggs

    After 3 months of training with the powerleggs, not only was the complexion improved, but the size was also significantly reduced. Benefit now from the effect and MAKE YOURSELF WOW !!!

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  • Training with powerleggs

    You can benefit from this too. 4 weeks of training with the powerleggs and the complexion has visibly improved.

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And now you can have it too! The shape of your life!

Your dream body to wear for a more beautiful silhouette of your legs and a visible push-up effect. Refine your skin and reduce your leg circumference.

Get your powerleggs now


Great experience, amazing deal!


Compression leggings reduce the circumference of the legs, reduce cellulite, refine the complexion and make legs look beautiful.


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powerleggs body

Compression leggings with all the advantages of powerleggs and with a raised waistband for the visible abdominal effect!


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powerleggs shorty

Short compression pants with all the advantages of powerleggs. Ideal for wearing under short skirts and dresses.


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powerleggs Body Contour Gel

Gel to reduce cellulite. Supports the breakdown of fat, strengthens the connective tissue, smoothes the complexion.


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What are you waiting for?

Do not waste time. powerleggs and you will never take them off again!

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