Auditors need marketing

Marketing for tax consultants

There is considerable scope for creativity and control in the law firm's business model. The efficiency secret of marketing measures lies in continuously building up “marketing intelligence” in the law firm and integrating it into daily work routines.

Questions about law firm marketing

  • What specific, measurable goals do we pursue with our marketing activities?
  • Why should clients hire our law firm - and no other?
  • What tools do we need to present the law firm in a professional and contemporary way?
  • How do we ensure that all (personal and impersonal) points of contact between our clients and the law firm match the desired image of the law firm?
  • Which marketing strategies and instruments are suitable for our law firm?
  • How do we make better use of internal sales potential? (e.g. existing clients & network, cross-selling potential)
  • How do we ensure fee transparency for our clients?
  • How do we improve the means of communication for the presentation of services and fees?
  • Quick check: situation analysis of the law firm's strategy (500 € flat rate)
  • Inventory of service and fee concept
  • Written client surveys (also online) / client interviews
  • Know-how transfer (training courses, workshops) for fee and service structuring
  • Development and embedding of the service and fee concept in your marketing strategy
  • Know-how transfer state of the art tax advisor marketing for you and your employees (training, interviews, workshop, technical expertise, feasibility assessment, support for marketing implementation)
  • Marketing concept with goals, measures and recommendations for implementation
  • Adjustment of incentive systems in the law firm for better implementation opportunities
  • Positioning: Analysis of potential and competition, positioning and orientation (target groups, specialization), service portfolio of the law firm
  • Process of regular controlling (team and individual)
  • Workshops, seminars, implementation coaching, telephone coaching

In law firm marketing, one thing counts above all: Effectiveness. Guerrilla marketing here means using more head than capital. The efficiency secret of marketing measures lies in continuously building up “marketing intelligence” in the law firm and integrating it into daily work routines.

Questions that play a role:

  • How can we position our law firm advantageously in the market?
  • How can we make better use of our strategic advantages?
  • What can we do better for our clients?
  • How can we build or expand our image?
  • How can we increase our visibility in the market?
  • How can we generate more recommendations?

Possible solutions:

  • Know-how transfer in workshops, lectures, seminars
  • Intensive training "Guerrilla Marketing for Law Firms"
  • Brief check: (telephone) interview, 10 ideas that are right for you (Flat rate 300, -)
  • Client survey (including benchmarks)
  • Goal setting and strategy workshops
  • Creative and future workshops
  • continuous "marketing coaching" at partner and team leader level
  • …

Get Clients Now! - May / June 2018

The 28-day law firm marketing program for more clients
Create a constant flow of new business by doing 10 simple things every day!


  • 2 kickoff tele-seminars á 90 min
  • 4 conference calls in the action group á 60 min
  •  individual support via email between phone appointments
  •  Complete 28-day marketing program for € 399 net including the book "Get Clients Now!"
  • Prices per participant, invoicing before the 1st date
  • max. eight participants per coaching group
  • Individual programs on request


Registration here: Contact

Frank Heibel,

Auditor and tax advisor from Wirges

“Very structured program with many helpful suggestions and tools for target-oriented client acquisition. It opens your eyes to which mandates are really interesting and how you can optimize the external image of the law firm. "

Rüdiger Kreutz,

Tax advisor from Hamburg-Poppenbüttel

"My most valuable insight from the program: filling the pipeline. I have to work consistently and continuously on that, and Get Clients Now! Gives me the necessary practical tips and tools that I can easily get started with."