Is GSVM a state or private university

List of lectures and exercises, timetables and study plans for the summer semester of 1932


lecturesandExercises . ,

St.anden- andCurricula

summer semester1932





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Saxon Technical University of Dresden

l ''. \)

including Department Forstpche Hochschule \ Tharand '

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", directory

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the VQrles ~ ng-en unq UbUhg ~~,.

Lessons can be found in the curriculum

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,summer semester1932 ' ~




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, ,

", I '\,

'pruck, on B. Q. Teubner in Dres ~ en,



Can be obtained from:

the University Secretariat and the Academic Book Trade Pocken (& Oltmanns

, ~ (Bismar ... ckplc \ tz 14) "

Saxon Technical University of Dresden

including Tharandt Forestry University



St.anden- andCurricula

summer semester1932

Available through

the university secretariat and the academic bookstore Focken & Oltmanns

(Bismarckplatz 14)


Office hours of the Rector: Monday to Wednesday 12-1pm, Thursday and Friday

1--2 a.m., room 50, 1st floor.

Beginning the Registrations April 4, 193'2

"" Exams (beginning of the semester) April 11th 1932

" lectures April 18 1932

End of the semester July 30th 1932

Registrations for students, listeners and Become an intern

on April 30th 1932 completed.

payment the Tuition fees:

In the case of payment in undivided amounts, etc.the 1st installment until May 13th 1932,

2nd installment by June 18 1932

Who by the specified times of his payment obligation

is not complied with, has a delay surcharge of 6 RM. and to

a reminder of 10 RM. to pay.

Requests for remuneration etc. are

until May 12th 1932

to be submitted to the secretariat, enclosing the registration form.

The required for thistheApplication form including a form for a certificate of assets

can be found in the secretariat.

The details include a notice on the bulletin board.

Proof of residence in the office the Student Union, MOl'llmsenstrasse


Job placement through the employment office the Student Union, Mommsenstrasse


Careers advice from the boards of directors the Departments.

Provide information:

generally the secretariat,

about espthee Studies ask the heads of department

about Y. perks, student affairs, etc. the

C oudry,

about the life and Study relationships at German universities the

from Deutscheu Studentenwerk e. V. Dresden-A., KaitzerStr. 2, published "Deutsche

Hochschulführer "(price including postage 1.15); also gives

the Saxon Academic Information Office for student and Professional issues,

Leipzig C], Schillerstr. 7, Eg., Tel. 25



Saxon Technical University.

'Bismarckplatz Technical University, Dresden-A. 24, Bismarckplatz 18.

Rectorate. •. . Main building, room 50} I St k

Office . . . Main building, rooms 52, 52A, 53. ~ tC

open 10 a.m. - 1 a.m.

rec s

l: Iochschulrentamt. Main building} .

E: food management. "Room 48/49


1st floor

A- and Payouts 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.,

hnks telephone

Postal checking account: Dresden 4126

Collective number:

Bank: Saxon. State Bank, Depository Central Station

Library . . . . . . . . . . Main building, room 61


Reading room open 9 am-6am, Saturday 9 am-2am.

Lending "9-1, 3-5, Saturday 9-1am

l: Management. . . . . . . . Main building, room 36

l: Iochbau-, mathematical-scientific and Cultural knowledge


. economic department

State Office for Public GesandHealth care phone numbers: 43803, 45938

'l'technische Hochschule George-Bähr-Str., Dresden-A. 24

l: Administration, Helmholtzstr. 5

Civil engineering department, George-Bähr-Str. 1

~ echanical department, Helmholtzstr. 5 (Zeunerbau) Telephony chemical

Department, Mommsenstr. 6, Bergstr, 66b u. C

Collective number:

Machine laboratory with thermal power station, George-Bähr-Str. 3 44075

Electrotechnical Institute and High voltage hall, Helmholtzstr. 9

IV 'scientific - photographic institute, George-Bähr-Str. 1

Ver h d M. I .. H 1

r ~ uc s- un atena examination office, elmho tzstr. 7th

{Telephone collective numbers:

. 40813, 40913

rllStItut für Kraftfahrwesen, Helmholtzsh. 7. Telephone collective numbers: 48064, 46164

Institute for Road Construction, George-Bähr-Str. 1. Telephone number: 47554

~ office for physical exercise, Bergstr. 66. Telephone NI ".: 47416

Tharandt Forestry University.

l: Main building, Cottastr. 158/59

S .. (Secretariat: Ground floor, room 18) Telephone number: Tharandt 261

C tockhardt Building, Sidonienstrasse. 170 B, "262

otta-Bau, Cottastr. 60 D ,, 261

l) 'Pedagogical Institute, Dresden-A. 20,


~ pus the Institute school



Teplitzer Str. 16.

t Telephone numbers:

42028, 48528 .

Gymnastics teacher training institute, Dresden-A. 1, Carusstr. 30th

Directorate telephone number: 19383



tasks and Glietheung the Technical University.

The Saxon Technical University has the task of research and the

To cultivate teaching in all fields of science on which technology is in its development

indirectly othe directly supports. It then conveys the in itself.! (

Complete previous academic training for a professional activity in the WIrt- f

Bchaft, at state and attheen authorities. She continues to cultivate the artistic s

Complaint and serves like the technology andthe Art also the natural and Cultural studies,

around by training in them and through their scientific care the


To educate students to be carriers of a comprehensive education.

It is divided into the following departmentsthet:

1. Building construction department

for the design of buildings, urban development, spatial art, building construction

Form theory, building theory, factory and Industrial construction, garden architecture, history

the Architecture etc.

2. Civil engineering department

for building mechanics, strength theory, civil engineering, bridge construction, railwaysand

Transportation, Urban Construction, Hydraulic Engineering, Water Management, Surveying Cande,

Compensation calculation, practical astronomy, etc.

3. Mechanical department

for designing piston and All kinds of centrifugal machines, steam boilers, lifting and

Transport machines, machine tools, technical thermodynamics, kinematics, technical

Mechanics, machine technology, textile technology (including spinning mill and Weaving),

Paper manufacture, construction and business the Motor vehicles and Low power

technology (incl. telephony, telegraphy, radio technology), electrical measurementande usvv,

4. Chemical department

for scientists and technical chemistry and Factory operation, inorganic oil

Organic, physical and Color chemistry, chemistry the textile and Paper'

industry, food, fermentation and Colloid chemistry, dyeing technology, technology

of the glass andthe pottery andthe mortar and Cements, etc.

5. Tharandt Forestry University Department

for forest science, forest management, forest protection, forest use, silviculture,

Forest botany, forest zoology, etc.

6. Mathematical and natural science department

for pure and Applied Mathematics (Descriptive Geometry, Analytiscb

Mechanics, Technical Mechanics, Actuarial Mathematics, Mathematical St ~

tistics, etc.), theoretical and Experimental Physics, Technical Physics, Opti ~

Radiology, Scientific Photography and Photochemistry, anthropology

Völkerkande, hygiene, meteorology, earthande, zoology, botany, mineralogy uJl

geology and for scientific training the High school candidates

office the musical, gymnastics and graphic-scientific R, ichtuJlg


, 7th Department of Cultural Studies

for philosophy, education, economics, law and Political Science

Sociology, politics and Constitutional law, history, religious studies, art

history, music history, literature and Linguistics (German, Fraß '

French, Spanish, Italian, English, Russian, Chinese), as well as for the floodplain

education of economists, professional and Elementary school teachers.




Division of the academic year.


t- The first year of study begins because of the prescribed practical working hours for

b- the structural engineering, civil engineering and the mechanical department with the winter semester,

t- for the chemical department with the summer semester, for the department Forstlicbe Hoche

school 'l'barandt, the math and science and the cultural studies

liche department with the summer othe Winter semester. Entry into the 'l'technical

he Rochschule can take place in all departments in both the summer and winter semesters.

- The lectures start in the Usually in summer semester End of April, in

Winter semester at the end of October.

Conditions for registration.


e 1. For students: In general, the prerequisite for admission is

Certificate from a grammar school, secondary school, upper secondary school, German secondary school

Othe Advanced school of the German Reich, a Saxon university or similarthe

the State Academy for Technology in Chemnitz.

r- The following can also be accepted as students: German inactive officers

r-tnit correspondthe Previous education, licensed pharmacist and Persons who have received the diploma

from a German technical university, and for studying as a folk model

Vocational school teacher also holder of a secondary school leaving certificate from a Saxon seminar.

On the other hand, imperial, state, municipal othe Church officials, relatives the

the pond weir and People who one totheen Saxon public educational institution


'), as well as tradespeople not as students, but admitted as interns

become. A decision on admission as a listener will be made on a case-by-case basis.

[J '2. For listeners: People who have reached the age of 18 can

N · be enrolled as a listener, provided they have the maturity for Obersekanda othe one as

Proof of equivalent recognized previous education.

For the department of Tharandt Forestry University is before the Admission as an accessory

r.e'l can provide evidence of at least four years of practical experience in the forestry profession, from the

11 'only in specialtheen cases can be foreseen.

Listeners as well as students are subordinate the Disciplinary Code the Technical

l3: ochschule and have to contribute to the student body, to the student health insurance

And pay for accident insurance. Audiences are not admitted to diploma examinations.

11, 3. For interns: persons who the University wethe as a student

after being a listener, can the Rector comply with evidencethe Education the

'l'participation in individual lecturesand possibly also on Exercises as interns

(Guest auditors). These belong the Student body andthe student

R: tendril not on. You must also have reached the age of 18.

9 4. Women can under the same conditions as students or listeners

~ Othe Guest attendants accepted ~ ground.

5. AusIä.nthe: About the admission of foreignersthen as a student, audience, etc.the

The guest will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The school is primarily decisive



Education of the applicant.

g applications for admission are attached the School reports, and a self-written one

CV in German for the summer semester . See you later-

8 ~ en8 March 15, for the winter semester by September 15 at the latest at the Rector's Office

p ~ 1 ~ suffice. Testimonials in foreignthe Language are officially certified translations

11 ') add k el. Legalization the Certificates from the responsible German consulate

can be delayed.

e About b the possibility the Admission is generally only possible after submission the

information can be given.





The registrations of students, listeners and Visiting students take place at the beginning

every semester in the secretariat. For the students the Department of Forestry University

Tharandt can also do this at the secretariat the Tharandt Forestry University

respectively. These are from students and Listeners the Proof is sufficientthe In front·

education, after visitingthehe colleges theen Abgu, ngszeugnis ,. official certificates

over age and the guided tour, from trainees evidence of the school and

other previous education and an official certificate of the leadership in original script

to submit.

Acceptance of lecturesandExercises.

The more detailed provisions on this are out the Study regulations and from the attacks

to be seen on the notice board.

The optional thelecturesandExercises is optional. However, it is recommended

at the Select the requesttheungen the relevant examination regulations and the preliminary remarks

to those contained in the course catalog Curriculan to be observed. The

of students and Fee amount to be paid to listeners in the semester must be at least

the simple fee rate for 3 weeksanden achieve. More about the facility

of the course is from the Curriculan to be seen othe with the department heads

to inquire.

Physical exercise.

From the university and PE teachers become compulsory and optional

Physical exercises performed.

For the students of the higher education authority there is a gymnastics and Game master·

Course takes place. Students are excluded from this the gymnastics science


I. Gymnastics and Game leader course g.

The gymnastics and Game leader course is zfl. Ministerial ordinance of September 3, 28

binding for students of the higher education authority the mathematical-physika '

lischen, chemical, (graphic-scientific and musical-scientific

Direction. This provision applies for the first time to candidates with

the winter semester 1928j29 entered their 4th semester. The issuing of the attestation

takes place if regular attendance at the announced lecturesIl

andExercises is proven.

The following are binding: 1 pcande indoor gymnastics and Winter games in the winter semester

and 1 pc eachande gymnastics games for and Intermediate level VI-IIb and Fighting games

Upper level lIa- I im summer semester, also participation in 3 Wantherides. So far

for this wanthedrove to onethewide activity in the field of the wanthen S

If you want to find attestation recognition, you must apply to the university in advance.

turn- and PE teacher. Furthermore, the completion of 2 teaching samples is binding. As

yourself theen implementation of technical difficulties, these will

in the 'Certification taken into account. Non-swimmers are recommended before visiting!

of the course to take part in non-swimmer lessons. ,.

Registration for the course is made by entering it on the receipt form

the note "Turn- and Game leader course ".

11. Compulsory physical exercise.

Everthe Reich German students have proof of this when registering for the preliminary examination

regular participation in the compulsory physical exercises during two semesters

to provide.


1. The compulsory physical exercises are like any exercise the Technical

To attend university. A transfer to one during the semestertheen

n as the occupied practice courseande is only in exceptional cases and by permission

of the university sports teacher possible.

2. The at the Registration for the preliminary examination must be submitted

r · only granted if regular attendance at least once a week

~ e 1 pcande in folk Exercisesand Body school or similarthe Swimming in

d summer semester, in indoor gymnastics and Proof of swimming in the winter semester

andthe Proof of a one-time examination by the high


school sports doctor is presented.

3. Who by participating in a performance held at the beginning of the semester ·

examination proof of normal physical performance and good practice

can be attested in any subject the as optional

[1- announced loan exercises are sufficient, with exception the marked with **.

4. Non-swimmers have proof the Participation in the announced non-swimmer lessons

to provide and are from the Participation in the duty


r moderate Exercises freed.

he 5. Restrictions othe Assignment too specialtheen exercise groups can go through

ps the university sports doctor.

p- 6. Ob and to what extent training obligations of a student at an association

Finding credit for the training certificate will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

7. Those for corporations and student associations

are in the To inquire about the office for physical exercise.

8. Duration the obligatory Exercises in the summer semester1932 until July 30th 1932.

9. The exemption from the compulsory physical exercises takes the University turnand

Sports teacher on Grand a certificate issued by the university sports doctor


is set '.



ur. Optional physical exercises,

The visit the Optional physical exercise is available to all students in their

own interest recommended. The occupation thethe same is done by filling in a

in the Document sheet on display from the old university. Performance tests for students,

Which of your attestation requirements in the context of the want to satisfy optional physical exercises,

take place at the beginning of the semester and are announced by notice.


il "


j \




IV. Investigation and Counseling center.

The newly enrolled will be summoned individually by the high school sports doctor. A

laying the fixed time, which must be stopped punctually, can only be done in

! Exceptions can be granted after prior notification. The sub

't Matching is the condition for the attestation the compulsory physical exercise. Those

jl students who are based on Grand previous school donations etc.the other totalandunity

lent Hinthenisse in their opinion not in the Will be able to attend to the duty

I ·, body exercises the Technical Hophschule, are asked to participate already

\ 'Or the day the To find enrollment at the university sports doctor. The regular

SpeakandThe same take place until further notice Mon., Tue., Thu., Fri. 10-12 Bergstr. 66

instead of. Urgent cases outside of this time. Telephone advance notice

possible and he wishes.

Health insurance, accident insurance, student body.

· S All students belong to these institutions and Listeners. The for it too

Contributions paid are collected at the same time as the college fees each semester.

The details are over the To see study regulations.






From the machine and Electrical engineers will be practical for half a year

before the start of technical studies, but split at the latest before dropping out the Preliminary examination,

a total of one year prior to departure the Final exam, by the students of building construction

and of construction and Surveying six months prior to taking off the Preliminary examination,

by chemists with specialthes emphasized subject six months before dropping out

the Final exam requiredthet. The students the Department of Forestry University

Tharandt have at the Registration for the final examination proof of a

A total of at least three months of practical activity on an othe several

Provide forest areas. Technical physicists and Economists will be a half

Year of practical work recommended. Foreignthen is recommended even before starting

of the study the requiredtheto acquire 12 months of practical training.

The secretariat makes them the same for all German technical universities

"Implementing regulations for practical training the Mechanical engineering students,

the Electrical engineering andthe related subjects " and the "leaflet

about the internship the Civil engineering students "(for prices

of 20 Pf. plus postage). It is recommended that you contact yourself as early as possible

before start the to teach practical work about the relevant provisions.


I. Diploma exams.

The Technical University grants to Grand of diploma exams for the subject

of an architect, construction, surveying, machine othe Electrical engineer, a chemist,

Engineer, TexW or paper chemist and Technical physicist as well as for

the field of expertise the Applied mathematics the degree of a graduate engineer

of a degree the Economic and Social sciences the degree of a graduate economist.

These consist of a preliminary examination and Final exam. .

In general, the condition for admission to the diploma examination is that they have been provided

the secondary school leaving certificate of a grammar school, high school, upper secondary school, Germans

High school or similarthe Advanced school of the German Reich, a Saxon university or similarthe

the State Academy for Technology in Chemnitz. A degree from

4 semesters at a German technical university for the final exam the Proof

the passed the preliminary examination at a German technical university and of studiesS

from in the Rule of 8 semesters at a German technical universitythelich.

Two semesters of these must be attended the local technical university

be. About the crediting of semesters and Examination certificates at non-German universities

the Ministry of Public Education decides.

listeners and Trainees are not admitted to the diploma examinations.

The diploma examination regulations for the individual subject areas contain more details.

For the at the Department of Tharandt Forestry University of Applied Sciences

apply until further noticethee Examination regulations, which are given by the secretariat

can be obtained.

IJ. Examination for vocational school teachers.

By law of 18.12.23 is the training the Vocational school teacher the ~

I ',


and Economical directions are filed. The exam contains further details

Regulations for teaching at vocational schools. The prerequisite for admission is a to

Admission as studyingthe qualifying school-leaving certificate.

IlI. Exams for the higher education authority.

r- The exam for the higher education authority can be done before the at the Technical high

'schule 1The existing Scientific Examination Board in Reiner and Applied

p- Mathematics, in chemistry, physics, mineralogy with geology, in earthande, botany and zoology











be filed. In connection with this, the teaching qualification in gymnastics, drawing, etc.the

Musicology can be acquired. For admission to the Examination is the school leaving certificate

of a grammar school or similarthe a Realgymnasium, an Oberrealschule, German Oberschule

Othe Advanced school of the German Reich or similarthe a Saxon university

researchthelich. A further condition is a professional study of at least eight semesters

a technical university or similarthe University of the German Empire. Of that must

latest and at least one earlier semester the Technical college too

Dresden have been occupied.

There is more information about the possible connections between subjects

on page 89 ff. of the course catalog.

IV. Examination for teaching at elementary schools.

For admission to the examination for the teaching post at elementary schools, this is

School-leaving certificate from a German 9-level higher educational institution or similarthe a Saxon seminar

as well as a degree the Pedagogy of at least 6 semesters at a technical

college or similarthe a university of the German Reich researchthelich. Have to

lI at least 2 semesters the Technical University. Dresden was spent sem

(see Sächs. Gesetzbl. 1925 No. 18 p. 175 ed.).

V. Exams for insurance technicians

Will be held as part of the insurance seminar.

the particulartheen provisions about this seminar.

VI. Examination for food chemists.

The test follows the Ministerial Ordinance of 3. July 1894.

The examination regulations are in

It is falling apart

in a preliminary examination and in a main exam. More information is available from the laboratory

for food- and Fermentation chemistry (Mommsenstrasse 6) granted.

VII. Semester exams

take place at the end of each semester in the individual subjects as required. The

'l'participation in it is free and voluntary and Students, listeners and Guest students

allowed. It is a precondition for the granting of fee waivers and Grants.

Other training opportunities.

From the on the Technical university graduated from economic science

Studies are carried out by universities, depending on theen provisions, two to three

Semester counted.

. Find in newer languages ​​at the Technical college final exams

not held. But it will the Technical university graduated in

~ German, English, French and Erdkande at the Registration for the exam for the higher

c.hulamt in the modern language group the University of Leipzig on Grand one

: l. serial regulation up to two semesters for admission to this

The period of study that can be proven is taken into account. Students the drawing knowledge

~ in the same direction the Registration for the scientific examination at the

d nlVersität Leipzig studies in the subjects mentioned up to 4 semesters, students

the musical-scientific direction counted for up to 3 semesters, if

read studies the Technical university in connection with specialist studies the

Academy for Applied Arts in Dresden or similarthe driven at the Dresden Conservatory

Have been.





- 10 -

As far as the creditingtheIt is advisable to consider the subjects of study

Inquiry at the relevant university before commencing studies.

Information about the course and the testing of food chemists

grants the Laboratory for Food and Fermentation chemistry (Mommsenstrasse 6).

For labor inspectors is in relation to training, preparatory service

and Proof of qualification the ordinance of December 5, 1925 (Saxon Law Gazette

35, page 309).

PhD ..

Rector and Senate can have the degree of a Doctor of Engineer, a Doctor the

technical sciences, of a doctor the Economics and of a doctor

the Lend cultural studies.

The Tharandt Forestry University has its own doctoral regulations,

on sizeandtheen the dignity of a PhD engineer the Forest sciences

can be awarded.

The application for the award the Doctoral degree is in writing to the rector and senate

to judge. .

The doctorate to become a doctoral engineer is linked to the following conditions:

1. The submission of the school leaving certificate of a grammar school, secondary school, a

Oberrealschule, German Oberschule or similarthe Advanced school of the German Reich

Othe a Saxon university.

The school leaving certificates the State Academy for Technology in Chemnitz and

the former Bavarian industrial schools are from the ministry until further notice


Which school-leaving certificates are otherwise considered to be equivalent to the above

School-leaving certificates can be admitted remains specialthehe resolution

Reserved. .

2. Proof of obtaining the degree of a graduate engineer at a

Technical University of the German Empire.

If and to what extent the completion of a diploma orthe other test

one attheen university or similarthe at a foreign technical university

as a substitute for obtaining the aforementioned graduate engineer degree

can, is subject tothehe decision. In any case, it is considered a substitute for that

Obtaining that degree, the graduation the 2. Main exam for the higher

technical government service of a German country man !.

3. The submission of a scientific paper written in German

(Dissertation), which the applicant's ability to work independently

scientific work on technical, economic-technical or similarthe mathematical and scientific

Proves areas.

The thesis cannot be used as a doctoral thesis.

4. Taking an oral exam.

5. The payment of an examination fee of RM 240.-.

At the Doctorate the technical sciences (d6ctor

rerum technicarum) takes the place of the engineering diploma the certificate of a III

German Bandesstaate passed state examination for higher education authority or similarthethe

Certificate as a certified food chemist, along with proof that the Applicants

received part of his training at a technical university.

At the Promotion to mD 0 ktor the Economics (doctor reruIIl

oeconomicarum) takes the place of the engineering diploma the Proof of acquisition





the degree of a graduate economist from a technical university. Of the german

Rich. The dissertation has an area the Treat economics.

At the Doctorate the Cultural studies occurs at the

In place of the diploma engineer certificate, the certificate on the the Technical University

Dresden passed exam for teaching post the Elementary school or similarthe for teaching

at vocational schools. Proof of studies of at least 8 semesters is required

provide. The dissertation has one thing the in § 8 the Examination regulations for the teaching post

at the Core subjects mentioned in elementary school or similarthe one the in § 22 the Test order

to deal with the examination subjects named for teaching aa vocational schools.





For the rest, reference is made to the publications listed below, the

\ Vie the already mentioned examination regulations etc. by the secretariat against cash on delivery

can be obtained:

Study regulations, diploma examination regulations for the individual branches of study, examination regulations

for candidates of the higher education authority and for the teaching post for professional and at

Elementary schools, doctoral degree regulations, statute.

1. For students and Listeners:


Registration fee (once for 10 or 6 semesters)

Enrollment after attending a German university or similarthe Imperial Germans

Technical University

Renewal after matriculation requirements. .

renovation the earlier enrollment within the 10 or 6 semester

comprehensive period the 1. Registration and after deletion

Fee per semester week for lecturesandExercises in the


General tuition fee

Library contribution

Institution fee

Health insurance

Accident insurance g

Contribution to the student body "

Certificate of Departure.

in the semester

25 RM

15 RM

4 RM

3 RM

3 RM

65 RM

5 RM

5 RM

9 RM, for foreignersthe 12.75 RM

1.50 RM

10 RM

4 or 8 RM

About this:

For visitors to the Pedagogical Institute

Seminar fee.

Tuition fee.

For the students of the elementary school teaching department who take part in elective courses,

also .

For the students of the vocational school teacher also a replacement money,

which is determined from semester to semester.

2. For interns:

Registration fee (for one semester).

Fee per semester weekande for lecturesandExercises in the

Rule. .

Tuition fee

when participating



at 1 othe 2 weeksanden

"3 to 6

"more than 6

3 RM

8 RM

10 RM

5 RM

3 RM

10 RM

20 RM

.45 RM

12 -

3. Fees for diploma examinations:

At the Mechanical department:

Business fee for the preliminary examination

"" Final exam

"in the case of a howthefetch the Before othe Final exam