Foreigners can sue before the federal court

SR 211.435.1 Ordinance on the Creation of Electronic Public Documents and Electronic Certifications
EÖBV Art. 7 entries1   The notary persons are entered in the UPReg with the following data:1 if permanent certificates have been or will be used: these certificates,2 if single-use certificates have been or are used: the permanent serial numbers or other elements of these certificates that enable the notary to be clearly identified, as well as information about the authentication mechanism used.a the surnames and first names according to the passport or identity card;b Date of birth;c Nationality;d Professional or functional designation according to the applicable law as well as designation of the relevant canton or the federal authority;e Company identification number (UID) in accordance with the Federal Act of 18 June 2010 1 on the company identification number (UIDG) and, if applicable, the number of the notary used in the relevant canton;f Business or official address according to the entry in the UID register (Art. 6 UIDG);G Date of issue of the official authorization;H if applicable, the date on which the official authority ceases to exist;i for the verification of signatures and for the authentication of the notary by the UPReg:2   A new entry is created in the UPReg for every new admission of a notary who has already been admitted. Data that are no longer legally effective remain and are marked as such.