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What makes the Barolo wine so special?

The Barolo is also known as the king of Italian wine and is one of the great wines in the world. The wine is made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes, in contrast to other great wines, which are made from blending several grape varieties. It is also worth mentioning in this context that most of the Barolo wines are single-site wines. So they come not only from one grape variety, Nebbiolo, but also only from a cru declared on the wine label.

In the Barolo growing area, the Nebbiolo grape variety finds the perfect climatic conditions and the ideal soil conditions so that these high-quality wines can be produced. This small and compact growing area combined with the strict cultivation and production conditions are the best prerequisites for producing great Barolo wines. That is why Nebbiolo wines that are cultivated outside the Piedmontese growing areas are nowhere near the quality of local wines.

The Barolo impresses with its extraordinary taste. These full-bodied, full wines have a great variety of fruity and berry aromas and flavors. The spectrum ranges from violets, cherries, blackberries, raisins and plums to tobacco, tar, truffles and leather, to name just a few properties. The wine has a certain heaviness, which is beautifully paired with incomparable elegance and harmony and this is what makes the Barolo so unique. These properties of the Barolo wine are only fully expressed when the winemaker accompanies the interaction of the vine with the climate and the terroir and only intervenes with measures when they appear necessary.

The high tannin content of the Nebbiolo grape made it absolutely necessary in the past to store the Barolo wines for many years before they could even be enjoyed. Fortunately, this has totally changed due to various factors. On the one hand through improved soil and vine management in the vineyard, on the other hand through temperature control during fermentation. These measures give the winemaker the best quality grapes available, and the temperature control means that he has much more influence on the wine style. This is why the wines are now available immediately, but they often only develop their full potential after a long period of bottle aging.