CorelDraw is dead

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For me there was a far easier solution to get back to my old, beloved CorelDrawX4:

1. Copy all the data on the CorelDraw DVD to a directory (e.g. "Corel_DATEN") on the PC
(important because you have to rename a file slightly ...)
2. After copying over you will see sub-folders in the directory, under "Setup".
3. Open the "Setup" folder
4. There you will find the file "setup.exe".
5. Rename this file to "install.exe"!
6. Now double-click "install.exe" and - suddenly the installation started perfectly for me!

Now important:
7. At approx. 75 percent of the installation the setup stops and a window says (something like that): "Setup.exe" not found.
8. It doesn't work either, you have renamed it to "install.exe".
9. Now copy this "install.exe" and rename the copy back to "setup.exe" - click on "next" and the installation continues !!!!!!

Important 2:
With this type of installation, I only had the known problem of the white menu header, but there was no occurrence of blue screen problems with mouse actions, which I noticed in other places! I can now work flawlessly with my CorelX4 and there will also be a solution on the network for the header ...

It is not Corel that causes the alleged problem with Win10! I even installed the good old Winword 2000 on Win10 without any problems!
No, a rascal, if you think badly: it is the installer itself that - whether intended by the manufacturer or not - is the problem that triggered the problem.
After yesterday I felt my way through 300 pages in the net and read the most adventurous solutions to this problem (unpack MSI, change registry entries, via "MsiExec /ISSETUPDRIVEN=1"D:CORELDRAW_X4_DATENDISKSetupCGS14DE.msi" entry up to the pain limit of my layman's understanding I have found the solution of a user, which is really positively described as farmer-smart, in the almost blind spot of the Internet:
(sometimes rudimentary translation broken down from English ...):
"Hey, just try changing the name of the setup file. It doesn't matter what the file is called, it's all about execution. Sometimes there are banal specifications in the algorithms (such as refuse, to follow the term "setup" !!!!!).

So if this story comes to an end by always coming across the term "setup" somewhere, there is no chance ...

My urgent appeal to everyone who is trying to keep using old software under Win10:
FIRST COPY TO THE HARD DISK to avoid possible (maybe sometimes very banal ) To be able to make changes that would not be possible on the DVD.
So I got my FSX flight simulator up and running again without any problems and I am convinced that other, old programs, e.g. B. could still run under Win7 without complaint, continue to work under Win10.

If this tip was helpful for one or the other of you and it works for you, please bring this solution into the world ...
Sometimes some things can be really easy, you just have to be lucky enough to find a needle in a haystack ...

In this sense:
Merry Christmas to you all!