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In theory, it should be with only 5 clicks be possible to link an Instagram account to an existing Facebook page. But especially for agencies Reality often looks different. After we had to grapple with it several times, especially since the introduction of two-step authentication for business managers and the stronger security guidelines for Instagram, we have collected all the tricks that have helped us so far.

The starting point

This blog post is no instructions to link an Instagram account to a Facebook page. How this works in theory, Facebook has explained here in five attacks. This blog post is intended to help all those who have not achieved their goal with this same declaration. While we keep tinkering with these tricks ourselves, we sincerely hope that Instagram will be timely (still) It is becoming more company- and agency-friendly and finally enables the allocation of access rights, which makes the exchange of login data and all this back and forth obsolete.

Problems connecting to Instagram and Facebook account

You want to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page, but when you try the Instagram app, you only get error messages or is it suggested to you to create a new page? We have already been able to solve this problem in different (detour) ways. Perhaps one of the following will help you too. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee success - but of course we are always happy to receive your tips.

Our tips:

  • Have you already tried the Facebook page? Go to the desired Facebook page, open the settings and then go to the Instagram menu tab. Follow the steps shown there.
  • Is the Instagram account already stored in a Business Manager? An Instagram account can only be linked to a Facebook Business Manager. And that has to be the business manager who owns the page (it used to be different). If the Instagram account is already set up in a Business Manager, who is not the owner of the Facebook page at the same time, it could help to temporarily cut the connection between the Instagram account and the Business Manager. Unfortunately, there is none for it Remove-Button so that Facebook itself suggests to temporarily return the Instagram account to a personal one. Danger: Any running advertisements will of course be paused and other functions of the business account may be cut and would have to be added again afterwards. If you have switched the account to a personal one, try again and only then add it back to the correct business manager.
  • Who is trying to link? The link should be through a person be made on that has access to as few Facebook pages, advertising accounts, business managers and the like as possible. Original sound from Facebook support: “The presence of dual roles can cause problems during the IG Page connection. So there should be no agency rights assigned. You should only have Page Admin and Business Admin permissions if the connection is confirmed. " For us as an agency, this means that it may be easiest to do: the Customer: to be guided in the linkage. The only requirement is that the person has a corresponding role on the Facebook page.
  • Is the Facebook page owned by a business manager and is two-step authentication enabled on it? Another tip from Facebook support was to temporarily deactivate the two-step authentication of the Business Manager. Unfortunately, this has not yet worked for us.

Problems linking the Instagram account with the Facebook ad manager

Who not only via the Facebook ad manager, but also directly from the Instagram app via the blue button If you want to advertise posts, you have to create a link to an advertising account from the Instagram app in addition to the link to a Facebook page. Which advantages advertising in this way has been presented here.

There are several ways in which you can connect to an existing advertising account in the Instagram app. One of them is this: Settings> Company> Promo Payments. There you just have to press the little pin and that Select the desired advertising account in the dropdown. It is possible that Instagram requires you to log in with your Facebook account beforehand. Important: you must of course have access to the advertising account that is to be linked. If it shows you the login of a person who is not you and does not give you the opportunity to change this: back to the settings overview, scroll down, Account overviewand deactivate the existing connection. Then try again.

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