How are the different BTS stans

My unpopular kpop opinions

I have seen a lot of YT videos like this at the moment and thought that I can write a chapter about them xd.

1) Stannen from Popular Kpop Groups
I talk about Blackpink and BTS the most. You will be hated immediately if you stalk it. All like that: BTS and BP are not Kpop, there are many more groups that you can stann blah blah.
Omg just let someone stab if you want. Sometimes it's just that you like them more than others. Everyone has their favs and that should be respected.

2) Blackpink hype, because I don't understand.
I was a blink, don't call myself that anymore, because I just don't like a member Jennie. I respect her and that's why I don't call myself Blink.
Their music is great (it's a shame that they only released about 15 songs in these 3 years). They are all talented, otherwise they wouldn't have made their debut. But I don't get the hype, at all. Your stage present is not as good as you might think. Your songs sry are not that special at all (pls no hate, just my opinion). You could show a lot more of yourself, but neither will YG. I feel like Bp is just a fund for YG and only makes comebacks when necessary.

3) OT1
Solo stans are often hated, which I don't understand. You are allowed to like someone and the others less. As if nobody just celebrates someone from a group ?!
It is nobody's business if you stand or not.
But you shouldn't "label" yourself with the fan name, because as a solo you just aren't.

4) EXO-L have been forgotten
Sorry but does it only seem like this to me?

5) BigHit is slightly sexist
I know what happened to Glamm (?). But is that why the whole group split up just because someone has screwed up? And all female trainees also pass on other entertainments ?! Hey, not all women are like that. And that was more than 5 years ago.

6) Showels is the best fandom
Did you ever get fan wars with them ?!

You could write your unpopular kpop opinions in the comments. I do not bite.
(Ps: I think I wrote stannen and showels wrong)