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Nice but not the best tiger park ... - Bandhavgarh National Park

Of course you go to Bandhavgarh to see tigers and there are supposedly a lot of tigers here. Unfortunately, the vegetation in the park is so thick that it is extremely difficult to catch a glimpse of one of the striped cats. In three days we found four tigers, but we only saw one correctly. The others either disappeared into the bushes or they were so inconvenient that you could just see the tip of a tail or an ear.

Another disadvantage is the route system. When entering the park, you are assigned a fixed route that you are not allowed to leave. The route is relatively long and has to be driven completely. So you have to drive at a relatively high speed and have little time for stops. Driving back is also not allowed. So you're either in the right place at the right time, or you're unlucky.

The tiger shows where you are taken to the tiger on elephants did not happen when we were there!

So you can see tigers, but a sighting is not guaranteed even in several days.

You should definitely plan a visit to the fort. Real sunken jungle ruins. You can spend some time here, so don't squeeze your visit between game drives like we did. By the way, you drive a good bit through the park, so you get half a game drive with it. Not cheap, but definitely worth the money, especially since the number of jeeps is limited. The view over the park is also fantastic.

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