Why are fountain pens relatively expensive?


Here are some things that no one needs, that are dispensable, but above all silly and in the end only testify to the bad taste of the owner: mobile phone tags, the haircut of the rapper Bushido, neon colors and everything from American Apparell. And an expensive pen. Oh yes, the one above all. People who carry expensive pens around with them want one thing above all: to emphasize the importance of their scribble. These people probably actually believe that even the most boring thought, if only written down with an expensive pen, suddenly gains brilliance.

Therefore, when buying a pen, anything over three euros is a waste of money. The Montblanc masterpiece is an exception.

This fountain pen looks like a fountain pen, it writes evenly and sits comfortably in the hand. However, even such a writing instrument fails to give the owner's signature more meaning. Perhaps that would be the case if you were to sign a disarmament treaty or your will, which regulates your land ownership in Brittany. For those who never have to do something like this, other pens are perfectly adequate.

The perfect ballpoint pen for fans of aesthetic minimalism is the one from Bic, on which the makers have omitted everything that is not for writing. However, he does not make beautiful writing out of a pig's claw, the Stabilo point88 from Schwan can do that. That's why it's orange. If, on the other hand, you want pens to go with a more classic outfit, think about a simple pencil and choose the Faber-Castell 9000. However, the best of all possible writing utensils is the disposable fountain pen Pilot Varsity. Not only does it ensure a perfect typeface, the owner of this pen doesn't have to be afraid of losing it, it's cheap enough if you buy a new one. Small problem with this: the single-use fountain pen is only available in the USA so far. But if you save on pens, you can fly over there.

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