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Storage space for a small bathroom - we will show you our new bathroom

Advertising: This article was created in cooperation with IKEA

A few weeks ago we already got it in the battle plan for our new apartment threatened. Our bathroom is the first room in our new apartment that we show you. Because together with IKEA we tried to turn the problem child into a model student. The challenge: storage space for a small bathroom. And please do it once in pretty. After many hours of planning, two shopping tours and the implementation, we are finished and would like to show you the result today and also reveal why we approached the furnishings this time very differently than usual.

And in the video You can see the before and after effect on our YouTube channel.

Storage space for a small bathroom? - Why we needed a good storage space concept for our new bathroom

Stefan: What do you do with a lot of space? You put it full and there we in our old apartment in the bathroom There was so much free space next to a large shelf and a chest of drawers, in which everything was stowed in addition to towels, medicines or a generous shower bath. And then we decided on our new apartment with a bathroom that was only half the size. So that meant sorting out, sorting out and sorting out again and creating storage space for a small bathroom. After we spent a whole evening looking through everything together, of course there was still a lot left, but where was it all going? Because from now on there was no shelf or chest of drawers.

Here again as a reminder: Our old bathroom

Again, just tossing everything into one basket was simply not an option. Because before that, each of us had a white basket (Patricia 2 of course! πŸ˜‰) that you had to rummage through to find something. Just awful! In addition, this time the storage space for a small bathroom should be visually appealing. Because what definitely doesn't get along well are make-up residues on the hands (you can wash your hands 100 times and there will still be something on your fingers, at least Patricia claims) and white baskets, believe me ;-). At some point it looks like a crime scene when they are looking for fingerprints πŸ˜€.

Planning is everything

Patricia: Most of the planning for our new bathroom was done by me. And this time I proceeded in an absolutely structured way, which turned out to be a great advantage. Not only are we absolutely happy with the result, the structure also saved me a lot of time and nerves during the planning. Because original plans didn't just have to be discarded once and alternatives sought. Thanks to my lists, I really managed to keep track of things and often actually had plan B or C on hand. I felt a little like an interior designer with glasses on. Except that the glasses were missing. So how did I go about it?

Step 1: optical inspiration

First I looked at what our bathroom should look like. For this I (of course) got inspiration on Pinterest, where I already have a quite large bathroom notice board and created a private bathroom notice board just for our bathroom. Of course, I also looked to see what can and cannot be implemented in our bathroom. Since we already had a rattan laundry basket, which I love more than anything and the tiles are in a natural shade, I really wanted to put a lot of wood, rattan and bamboo in the bathroom. Natural materials also make the bathroom a little more comfortable and have something fun-like about them. πŸ˜‰

Step 2: inventory - what needs to be stowed away?

Up to now, I have usually always proceeded in such a way that I bought a closet or some kind of storage space that I liked and then looked at what things I can stow there and how. This time I did it the other way around. We looked into our moving boxes and saw what needs to be accommodated in the bathroom. And that's more than you think. Just an excerpt: medicine, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, hair dryer, straightening iron, curling iron, hair care and styling utensils, our daily cosmetics, nail polish, shower gel supply (we somehow get shower gel all the time), bath products and of course towels.

I wrote all this down and wrote behind it where we could stow what. Towels (if they are pretty) do not have to be stowed in cupboards or boxes, for example, but can be easily visible. This also applies to toilet paper. Colorful bottles and jars, on the other hand, make the bathroom restless and should therefore be invisible. That's why I put our shampoo, bath additive and shower gels back into dispensers and labeled them. We already had that in the old bathroom, the dispensers just didn't look so good anymore (I can't recommend white dispensers ...). For the rest, it was a matter of creating storage space for a small bathroom.

Step 3: The search for storage space solutions

In the third step, I rummaged through the IKEA online shop and looked for storage space solutions for the bathroom or used my Pinterest pin board. That's where I got the idea for the bathroom shelf above the washing machine, for example. And when I saw the pretty seagrass basket at IKEA, I knew immediately that I wanted to stow our detergent there and put it on the washing machine. The FRYKEN seagrass baskets I found it so pretty straight away that I really wanted to accommodate her. There should be space for ear swabs, cotton pads and nail polish. For some, I even found several options for storage space, and some we decided to go straight to the IKEA.

Step 4: Prepare with the IKEA notepad

Why have I never actually used the IKEA notepad? The thing is worth gold! I put all the products that came into question for our bathroom on the notepad, printed it out and we ran through the IKEA with 4 pieces of paper. I think that saved us at least half the time because we were much more focused. I don't think I'll ever go to an IKEA without it again.

A small snapshot from our shopping tour

The result - walk into our new bathroom!

And now it's finished - the first room in our new apartment, which is really completely finished. And we are very proud. Come on, we'll show you around and show you our respective favorite corners and our ideas for storage space for a small bathroom.

Our GODMORGON vanity unit

Patricia: Ever since my mom has a vanity unit with drawers, I've wanted one too. But when I got Stefan GODMORGON showed, he was skeptical at first. Remove the old wash basin, mount the GODMORGON, will it all go well? And will that hold up? Because I wasn't really helping him with this, I couldn't persuade him, but in the end he made the decision because the vanity unit is simply a storage space miracle. Lo and behold, everything went a lot easier than I thought and I was really proud of Stefan.

What I particularly like about our GODMORGON is the sorting system that you can buy and customize. I was as happy as a schnitzel when I was able to sort my make-up and cosmetics. And how much faster the make-up is now! I am just immensely enthusiastic. Such a vanity unit is really perfect storage space for a small bathroom.

Our DIY bathroom shelf

Stefan: How often does it happen that finished shelves perfectly match the dimensions of a wall recess? My feeling never says πŸ˜€. And so we just made the shelf ourselves. We made them work for that ALGOT shelves, which actually belong to a finished shelving system, and attached them EKBY VALTER consolesthat were attached the other way around (Patricia saw it again on Pinterest). We have one on each BULLIG bamboo box in which our shower gel supply plus sun cream & Co. and medicine have found their place. Toilet paper and towels also work wonderfully as decorations. πŸ˜‰ In addition to the GODMORGON, this is our second large storage space for a small bathroom.

Two are better than one - our bathroom mirrors

Patricia: So far we've always had mirror cabinets. But although we could have used a mirrored cabinet again because of the storage space, we decided against it. Because I saw two mirrors on a wooden shelf on Pinterest and we thought it looked so good. And when I've got something on my mind ... well, you know. But that was not completely feasible for us. Tiles, power boxes and the like got in the way of the implementation and so we had to reschedule several times.

But we are totally happy with the result. We just have one MOSSLANDA picture molding misappropriated and one on it STORJORM placed. Next to him our toothbrushes have found their place, which is through the DRAGAN toothbrush holder can also be well hidden.

As a second mirror we have chosen for the IKORNNES decided that can stand as well as hang and fit perfectly into our wood theme. And since we had a lamp connection upstairs, we have one there MUSIC wall lamp Installed. It really donates a lot of light and together with the lighting from STORJORM you can really see every pore. πŸ˜€ And in case you're wondering what these wooden beads there should: They hide the cable for the lighting from the STORJORM. πŸ˜‰

We're hanging around here now - even more storage space with the SΓ…LNAN baskets

Stefan: Somehow, after the white junk boxes in the old bathroom, we really had the sh ... (I am no longer allowed to write or say words like that, since small children remember such things quickly, I try to get used to them now πŸ˜‰), but if not everything is somewhere If you want to lie around openly, you also need a few boxes or baskets. And since there was still a little space on the wall, I thought about trying to do some magic on it. But even more shelves would not have fit and so I screwed two without further ado SΓ…LNAN baskets directly on the wall, with slightly larger washers and suitable dowels, it holds great. My advice to everyone: Just be brave and try it out. As you can see, it's worth it πŸ˜‰.

So this is our new bathroom. Here you can see all the IKEA products that we have used and there are even more pictures and details below.

Of course we have also re-labeled the new soap dispensers.

And of course the foam party should not be missing in Potsdam either. πŸ˜‰

Since we really hardly have any daylight in the bathroom, we decided on an artificial plant. And of course there have to be candles too. πŸ˜‰

We brought towels and towel rails from the old bathroom, but they are also from IKEA.

The various DRAGAN boxes are ideal for storing bath products, face masks, etc.

The nice laundry basket and the bath mat that we put on Sardinia are probably one of the few items that are not from IKEA. πŸ˜‰

Detergents & Co. are well hidden in the basket, but are still within easy reach.

The BULLIG boxes really offer a lot of storage space and we have divided them up again with HΓ–FTA dividers.

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