Asgard is destroyed in Thor Ragnarok

How is Thor still mighty and mighty after the destruction of Asgard?

In THOR: Ragnorak Odin states that Hela gets her power from Asgard, as does Thor (if I remember correctly).

On Earth, her costume has multiple tears, indicating her weakened condition (perhaps it is the result of millions of years imprisoned far from Asgard). When she arrives on Asgard, her outfit is now whole and takes on her traditional green color scheme, showing that she has regained her strength.

So it was an option to unleash Sultur, so he would destroy Asgard to weaken Hela and thereby end her.

So if Thor also draws power from Asgard, then how is he still powerful and kicking bad guys in the Infinity war, after Asgard was completely destroyed?


"Asgard is not a place, it is a people"

iandotkelly ♦

If there was one theme in this movie, it was ... Asgard is a people and Thor's job was to save the people, not the place.


Although Thor draws his strength from Asgard, it has been stated a couple of times in the film that Asgard is not a place, but a people.

Thor: I can't without my hammer.

Odin: Are you Thor, the god of hammers? This hammer should help you control and focus your strength. It was never your source of strength.

Thor: It is too late. She's already taken Asgard.

Odin:Asgard is not a place.It never was.It could be Asgard.Our people are in Asgard. Even now, right now, these people need your help.

Thor later says this to Loki.

Thor:Asgard is not a place, it is a people. Loki, it was never about stopping Ragnarok. This was about causing Ragnarok.

Since he saved his people (although half of them died in IW), he can still have his powers. This fact should not be forgotten, however, that Thor acquired his powers in inheritance.



When I see how little Hela cared for the people of Asgard (she has butchered how many of them since her return), I guess she got her strength from the physical Asgard area. But if Asgard isn't a place, it's the people , then Asgard survivors could build another, but since there aren't many of them left ... Anyway, it's not clear in the movie

AJ ♦

Yes, it's not stated in the movie, but it can be deduced that Thor can draw power from the whereabouts.

Zibadawa Timmy

It's hard to know when people were speaking metaphorically or literally. Hela may have her power literally obtained from Asgard (the actual planet gives her power that she didn't have before) while Thor got power metaphorically of metaphorical Asgard derived (he is motivated and driven to protect people, which pushes him to achieve more and use more of his innate power). In a sense, the story was a parable about placing life and culture over places and objects (as well as highlighting nobility and wisdom over power for Thor's rise).