What is the least stressful job

US study - Twelve jobs without stress - and with a good salary

Multitasking, deadline pressure, constant availability: More and more people are suffering from constant pressure at work. Many cannot switch off even after work - and get sick.

There are many options for those who want to get out of the stressful job. It becomes more difficult if you also want to earn a lot of money in a relaxed job.

Almost 800 professions were examined

This is not impossible - as a US study shows: On the basis of data from the US Department of Labor, scientists have examined almost 800 different professions to see what earnings they promise and what stress level they have. Manager Magazin translated the study into German.

We have summarized the twelve jobs with the lowest stress level and good pay in a photo series.

In which professions is the relationship between stress and pay good to almost perfect? This is exactly what was investigated in a US study. More than 760 jobs were examined - the twelve most relaxed jobs with good salaries can be found here.

In addition to the statistical average salary, which is based on US data, the so-called stress level is decisive. This value was calculated using various parameters for the individual occupations - the lower the number, the more relaxed the activity.

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