What does a peaceful society look like

For a peaceful, open, tolerant and social society

The people's solidarity was founded in October 1945 as an anti-fascist alliance of parties, churches and trade unions against the winter hardship after World War II. The association has always understood itself as a community of people for people of all generations, regardless of their origin and national and religious affiliation, and is committed to peace, solidarity, humanism and democracy as its fundamental values.

Today the people's solidarity stands for an open, diverse and tolerant society in which all people can participate regardless of age, skin color, origin, religion or belief, gender, sexual identity, economic situation, illness or disability. This worldview obliges us to decisively oppose ideologies according to which people should be viewed as inferior or excluded from society due to certain characteristics.

Even before the party Alternative for Germany (AfD) was founded, ideologies of inequality of people were perceptible in parts of society. The AfD has taken up these attitudes and given them a political and institutional framework with its entry into the Bundestag and the state parliaments. Through targeted rhetoric inside and outside the parliaments, representatives of the party try to push the boundaries of what can be said publicly and to make their discriminatory and sometimes inhuman ideology socially acceptable.

Current experience shows that the AfD tries to publicly discredit social and welfare organizations that campaign for diversity and tolerance in social life and for the preservation and strengthening of the welfare state. Facts are deliberately falsified, anger and fear are stoked against the background of actual social problems in parts of society and even acts of violence are accepted. Full-time and voluntary workers in the People's Solidarity report of hostility due to their commitment.

The worldview propagated by the AfD is incompatible with that of popular solidarity. The people's solidarity has an obligation to deal with the political demands of the AfD and to expose their misanthropic, nationalistic and social Darwinian character. Anyone who as a member, employee or responsible person does not share the fundamental values ​​of the association and represents or supports right-wing extremist or right-wing populist positions has no place in popular solidarity.

As long as inhuman, xenophobic and social Darwinist positions are tolerated in the AfD, popular solidarity sees no basis for cooperation with this party. Out of respect for the democratically elected institutions of the German Bundestag, the state parliaments and the institutions of local government, Volkssolidarität will treat the AfD elected representatives in the legislative process as the office requires. Nevertheless, Volkssolidarität Bundesverband e. V.
right-wing extremist and right-wing populist statements that degrade the dignity of people, publicly and clearly contradict them
Right-wing extremists and populists from Volkssolidarität Bundesverband e. V. do not offer a discussion platform for organized events
do not make their premises available for events with right-wing extremist or populist content
Strengthen the members of the association in their courage and stand by their side in disputes with right-wing extremists and populists
Do not support initiatives of the AfD, even if they take up substantive demands of the people's solidarity
and continue to work for a peaceful, open, tolerant and social society.