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Choir SATB


Tambling, Christopher (1964-2015)
Throw your worries on the Lord

for SATB and organ

    Choir part. with organ € 2.10
    Publication no .: BU 2972
The countless friends of Christopher Tambling's choral music can look forward to another extremely sonorous choral movement from his estate: a motet of trust on well-known psalm verses. Over a calm swaying, harmoniously rich organ accompaniment, a choral movement (sometimes also performed in unison) unfolds of great intensity and expressiveness, which ends with the words: “I throw my worries on you, you transform them into rich blessings.” A “typical Tambling “, Can be used in many ways in church services and concerts.

Filippini, Andrea Emilio (* 1959)
Be certain that I am with you

for SATB and organ (2 Trp., 2 Pos. ad lib.)

    Part. € 12.00 / choir part. € 1.30 /
    Set of parts € 6.00 / organ € 5.00
    Publication no .: BU 2973
The Leverkusen composer Emilio Filippini has become known to many choirs as the creator of traditional choirs thanks to his “cross-generational” and sonorous “Mass in E flat major” (BU 2785, Gloria on the demo CD “Pleni sunt caeli et terra”) , but highly vital and inspiring choral music. This also applies without reservation to his motet on the well-known last verses of the Gospel of Matthew, which was created to celebrate a silver jubilee of the priesthood. The choir part is kept very simple with a few unison passages, while the accompaniment gives the work shine and rhythmic freshness. The second organ part contained in the score also enables performances without wind instruments. A sonorous new discovery that can be used in a variety of ways in the church year and for casualia.

Caldara, Antonio (1670-1736)
Lauda, ​​Jerusalem, Dominum (First print!)

for SATB, 2 violins and figured bass
Edited by Friedrich Hägele

    Part. € 15.00 / choir part. € 2.50 /
    Set of parts € 12.00 / organ € 5.00
    Publication no .: BU 2986
We are honoring the Italian baroque master Caldara, who mainly works in Vienna, on the occasion of his 350th birthday with another first edition from his sacred vocal works: the setting of the popular 147th Psalm. This contrapuntal, elegant work is not only solidly made everyday music, but also creatively inspired art music with an elegant sound effect. The two violin parts double the choir parts soprano and alto and can also be omitted so that the work can be performed with a pure continuo accompaniment. Classy and sonorous Austrian-Italian baroque music for choirs eager to explore!

Maunder, John Henry (1858-1920)
We praise you, God - We praise Thee, O God (First print)

for SATB and organ

    Choir part. with organ € 2.10
    Publication no .: BU 2988
Due to his passion cantata "Olivet to Calvery", which is still extremely popular today, Maunder is one of the most famous English choir composers of Victorianism. But the London-based composer was also very active and successful in the field of praise motets. For our series of German-English single editions of popular choral works, we have selected a celebratory chant based on the “Te Deum” from his rich vocal work, which is characterized by a variable, predominantly homophonic choral setting. A joyful praise of God from England in a romantically saturated robe of sound - here it can be heard and experienced once more! With German and English text.

Haydn, Johann Michael (1737–1806)
Alleluja, regnavit Dominus (First print!)

for SATB, orchestra and organ
Edited by Friedrich Hägele

    Part. € 10.00 / choir part. € 1.30 /
    Set of parts € 12.00 / organ € 3.00
    Publication no .: BU 2980
The numerous graduals and offerings by Johann Michael Haydn enjoy unbroken popularity with our church choirs. In the first edition we present another, relatively short celebratory chant which, due to its text statement “Alleluia, the Lord rules over all nations”, can often be added to the program during the church year. A compact choral setting that does not contain any difficulties, constantly flexible violins and two trumpets that add a shine to the festive event are the parameters that will secure a permanent place in the repertoire of many choirs for this work by the Salzburg composer.


Choir SABar

Mass settings

Kleesattel, Lambert (* 1959)
Mass in G
For two mixed voices and organ
Part. € 14.00 / choir part. € 2.10 / organ € 5.00
Publication no .: BU 2981
This ordinarium, which at first glance appears unusual, is aimed on the one hand at three-part mixed singing choirs who do not want to sing in the direction of an upper part when the number of votes is further reduced, and on the other at SATB choirs who attend certain occasions (which now often include celebrations ) can only perform with a limited number of choirs, but still want to remain operational in a “mixed” cast. Despite its two vocal voices, the mass is designed to be “full of sound”, to which the keyboard accompaniment (organ or piano) also contributes. The work can be rehearsed in a very short time - not least because of a few canonical passages. Stylistically, the fair stands fearlessly in romantic tradition, whereby occasional excursions into the sound-sensory world of our English neighbors are evident and wanted. An extremely attractive work - not only for times with "reduced staff".
[Duration: approx. 12:00 min.]

Lemmens, Jacques-Nicolas (1823-1881)
for SABar and organ
Part. € 16.00 / choir part. € 2.50 / organ € 5.00
Publication no .: BU 2974
Via the detour of a successful arrangement, this is the second mass for SABar and organ by the Belgian organ master Lemmens in the Butz publishing house. The original for two male voices and organ, dedicated to Alexandre Guilmant, has been supplemented by a baritone part, which is not a mere derivation from the organ bass, but is ideally integrated into the overall structure thanks to a largely independent course. In addition to a purely choral performance, ad lib. soloists are also involved. This mass is an early romantic, elegant and beautifully designed ordinarium, which is recommended for all three-part choirs.
With credo.
[Duration: approx. 22:00 min.]



Jones, Robert (* 1945)
Jubilate deodorant

for SABar and organ

    Choir part. with organ € 1.30
    Publication no .: BU 2976
In addition to the “Laudate Dominum”, the “Jubilate Deo” is one of the most famous and popular praise motets by the English composer (SATB version BU 2326). So it made sense to offer it in a compatible three-part version. The consistently homophonic choral setting was adapted accordingly by the composer, but the original organ accompaniment was retained. Now it's also time for SABar choirs to celebrate with this impressive and easy-to-sing praise motet “in the English style”.

Jones, Robert (* 1945)
The Lord is my Shepherd
Psalm 23
for SABar and organ

    Choir part. with organ € 1.80
    Publication no .: BU 2985
The 23rd Psalm by Robert Jones is his most popular trust motet in this country: The calm gesture and the expressive music composed closely to the text have secured the work a permanent place in the repertoire of many choirs (SATB version BU 2364). In response to popular requests, the composer has also arranged this motet for three-part mixed choir; here, too, both versions are compatible with one another. With German and English text.

Dubois, Théodore (1837-1924)
Puer natus est nobis

for SABar and organ
Edited and edited by Tobias Zuleger

    Choir part. with organ € 1.30
    Publication no .: BU 2982
In the present edition, an original two-part Christmas choir with clear piano accompaniment was written specifically for the three-part mixed choir and given a new, organ-compatible accompaniment. The neoclassical, charming sound language of the Parisian master is fully preserved through the arrangement. The choral part is easy to sing; the few notes in the soprano that go beyond e '' have been given alternatives.

Kupp, Albert (* 1930)
Hallelujah - sound a song of praise

for SABar and organ

    Choir part. with organ € 1.30
    Publication no .: BU 2989
On the basis of the well-known soprano aria "Mein belieig Herz, frohlocke" from BWV 68, Albert Kupp created a joyful hymn of praise that is immediately accessible to every three-part choir and that meets the need of many choirs for sonorous, technically simple and versatile praise and thanks. Motets. The choral setting is purely homophonic; the manualiter accompaniment can be played on the organ or the piano.


Children's choir / upper voice choir

Gounod, Charles (1818-1893)
Missa brevis
for SSA, organ and / or strings
Editor of the version for SSA: Sven Dierke

    Part. € 15.00 / choir part. € 2.10
    Publication no .: BU 2984

    There are choral works which, due to their quality and general popularity, also want to be sung by choirs with other ensembles than the one originally conceived by the composer. The same applies to alternative accompaniment options. The present mass, which was originally composed for a male choir, initially appeared in an arrangement for SABar and organ (BU 1473); later a string version was created from the organ accompaniment. Now there is a three-part upper part version of this sonorous mass, whereby the accompanying options remain the same: organ alone, strings alone or both bodies together. And last but not least, the two compatible vowel versions can also sound together.


Solo singing

Zeiler, Gallus (1705–1755)
Two Marian antiphons (First print!)
Salve Regina - Regina caeli

for alto solo, strings and figured bass
Edited by Friedrich Hägele

    Part. € 14.00 (from 2 copies each € 12.00)
    Publication no .: BU 2978
Gallus Zeiler is one of the many talented monastery composers of the South German Baroque. The Benedictine monks from Füssen created a rich body of church music that spread far beyond the German-speaking area. After the first publication of two Marian antiphons for soprano solo (BU 2967), there are two works for alto voice, which are characterized by carefree joy in making music and tonal freshness.


Organ works

Organ solo

Bruckner, Anton (1824-1896)
Four orchestral pieces for organ (Ped.)
Edited and edited by Erwin Horn

    Price: € 10.00 (16 pages)
    Publication no .: BU 2977
The “Four Orchestral Pieces” are among the very few orchestral works by Bruckner beyond his symphonies. It is regrettable that they are seldom on the repertoire, as they are charming gems of romantic literature, characterized by energetic and lyrical characters as well as dreamy and lyrical characters. As with many works by the composer-organist Bruckner, these pieces are also ideal for organ transcriptions, which are in good hands with the Bruckner expert, composer and experienced arranger Erwin Horn. The edition is a welcome addition to the concert organ repertoire; the four pieces can also be used individually in church services.

Content: March in D minor WAB 96; Three movements for orchestra WAB 97.

Franz Bühler (1760-1823)
Preludes, verses and gallant pieces for organ or piano
Book 2 (descending class)
Published by Hermann Ullrich

    Price: € 14.00 (56 pages)
    Publication no .: BU 2975
The first booklet with organ pieces by the Augsburg cathedral music director (BU 2802) has already become a cherished companion for many organists, especially when playing the liturgical organ. The ten four-movement cycles of the second volume (in B-keys up to four accidentals) also contain an abundance of practical, shorter and longer works that are ideally suited as preludes and aftermaths as well as Communion / Last Supper, even on single-manual instruments. The term "Galanteriestücke" refers to the late Classical-Early Romantic period of origin of the works - a time from which only a small production of original organ music has survived. This fact makes Bühler's complete, delightful and sonorous collection all the more valuable in terms of organ music history.

Thiele, Ludwig (1816–1848)
Organ Works Volume 3 (Ped.)
Edited by Tobias Zuleger

    Price: € 18.00 (64 pages)
    Publication no .: BU 2987
The two previously published volumes of organ works by the Berlin composer Ludwig Thiele have brought to light a master who was given the "organ poor" first half of the 19th century, mostly limited to liturgical music, works of considerable proportions, a high level of difficulty and one to create very personally colored handwriting. The final volume of his organ compositions presented here contains two further early romantic “heavyweights”, which also prove that the composer Thiele was based on the one hand in the Bach tradition and, on the other hand, in terms of sonic, improvisational and formal aspects, also to the style of Franz Liszt's related modernisms was able to establish. Both works represent highly welcome additions to the German concert repertoire “before” Mendelssohn and Ritter.

Content: Concert movement in E flat minor; Theme with variations in C major.

von Suppé, Franz (1819–1895)
Overture to "Leichte Kavallerie" for organ (Ped.)
Edited and edited by Hans Uwe Hielscher

    Price: € 11.00 (20 pages)
    Publication no .: BU 2983
In addition to the overture to “Dichter und Bauer” (organ transcription BU 2637), the one from the operetta “Leichte Kavallerie” is one of the most famous works by the Austrian composer; with her he brought the Hungarian element into the operetta for the first time. The work is characterized by energetic rhythms, for example in the cavalry march or in the csárdás, lyrical sections and memorable melodic ideas, which immediately cause a great recognition effect in the listener. The editor is known for his transcriptions, made with professionalism and musical empathy. This technically at most moderately difficult arrangement is already a pleasure when practicing - the enthusiasm of the audience in view of the lively music is guaranteed anyway.

Klomp, Carsten (* 1965)
Organ Playing from the Very Beginning
Translated and adapted by Andrew Sims

    Price: € 32.00 (108 pages including practice CD)
    Publication no .: BU 2990
    ISBN: 978-3-928412-90-2
After the great success of the organ school "Organ Playing from the Beginning" (BU 2895) now the English version!
Playing the organ with no previous experience on the piano - this misconception is challenged by the seasoned organ teacher Carsten Klomp with his new organ course for beginners that requires no previous theoretical or practical knowledge. The German version - highly acclaimed by organ teachers, organists and specialized press - is now available in English!


Organ and instrument / s

de Jong, Margaretha Christina (* 1961)
Seven pieces for flute or violin and organ op.108
Published by Albert Clement

    Price: € 18.00 (including vote)
    Publication no .: BU 2979
The Dutch artist Margreeth de Jong is known for her compositions designed in the style of the Baroque and Romanticism, but which she is always able to provide with a very personal, emotional and sonorous note. In her latest work for organ plus she occasionally goes a step further and sometimes takes us with her into slightly impressionistically colored soundscapes that give the music its very own character. Whether melancholy, playful or dance-like: the enchanting pieces in this collection immediately captivate the players and will also astonish and inspire the listeners. And this with a level of difficulty that is easy to at most medium for both players.

Content: Prelude; Reverie; Improvisation; Pastoral; Intermezzo; Reverie; Rondo.


Organ calendar Germany 2021

In 2021 we will again be offering all organ fans a unique feast for the eyes: The fascinating pictures by New Zealand photographer and bestselling author Jenny Setchell (BuB 13, 17, 21 and 25) will also shine excellently in the new calendar. Again 13 organs from different times and regions in Germany are presented.
Created in the handy A4 format, the organ calendar offers a practical monthly overview under each picture with enough space for notes, appointments and personal "memorial days". This calendar is a welcome companion for all friends of organ and church music throughout the year!

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A “must-have” for those who like to pull (all) the stops: magnets for pin boards and refrigerator doors with the illustration of a stop - with a bottle opener, in stylish gift packaging.

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