Has anyone been to Mauritius Any recommendations

Questions about Mauritius

Hello everybody,

After we spent our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic last year, we are attracted to another long-term destination this year. We have set our sights on Mauritius, as it is one of the few long-distance destinations that you can travel to in August without getting into the rainy season or the like.

Since we had all inclusive in the hotel in the DomRep, the question now is how it is in Mauritius in terms of prices in the hotels if you only book half-board. Lunch is not that important to us, but the drinks (without alcohol) are. We ask ourselves whether it is "worthwhile" to book all inclusive or full board (+) directly, or whether it is cheaper to travel by paying for the drinks on account. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no experience of how expensive such a bottle of water is, for example ?!

Then I'm so undecided about the hotels at the moment. First we checked out the Sands Resort, which was 88%. Today again only 85%, which makes me think again ... Half-board or full-board + can be booked here. At least sea view from all rooms, which would be great.

There is also the Constance Belle Mare Plage, which is obviously one of the most popular, but also correspondingly more expensive. In terms of price, only HP would be included for us here, VP is well above our pain threshold.

Last but not least is the Beachcomber Le Victoria, which is a little more expensive than the Constance. Even only with HP. All inclusive is way too expensive.

Do you have any help here to help us make a better decision? The drink prices would be helpful (there doesn't seem to be any supermarkets or similar in the vicinity). What is important to us is a beautiful sandy beach and turquoise sea, as we unfortunately had bad luck with seaweed in the water in the Dominican Republic and therefore it did not look so "heavenly". Now we want - hopefully - to do everything right. You don't treat yourself to such vacations every year. I would be grateful for testimonials!

Best wishes