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Darkseid (Germany)


  • First appearance:Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 (December 1970)
  • Status: Villain
  • Right name: Uxas
  • Job: Tyrant / conqueror of the world
  • Homeland:Apokolips
  • Size: 2.66m
  • Weight: 822 kg
  • Eyes: red
  • Hair: no
  • Powers / Abilities:
    Absolutely merciless, irreconcilable planetary overlord who rules his subordinates through fear; enormously strong and obviously invulnerable; his eyes shoot omega rays that burn, extinguish or transport other beings.

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Uxas is the terrible son of Queen Heggra from the planet Apokolips and thus the second in the line of succession to the throne of his homeworld. He had secretly planned for a long time to rule, while his brother Drax wanted to make peace with the neighboring world of New Genesis.

During a hunting expedition on New Genesis, Uxas witnessed Avia killing the wife of Izaya, New Genesis' highfather. When Uxa's uncle Steppenwolf attacked Izaya too, Uxas deliberately spared his life, knowing that he was starting a war between the worlds.

As the army commander, Steppenwolf was killed on a mission, and after Uxa's brother, who failed to gain the mighty Omega power and become a god, was murdered, no one contested Uxas for the throne. He succeeded in gaining omega power himself, whereupon he named himself Darkseid and declared himself a god.

Darkseid fell in love with a scientist named Suli and married her against his mother's wishes. Fearing that Suli, who was convinced that one must work with all one's might for the common good, could corrupt Darkseid, Heggra had her killed. Before that, however, Suli gave birth to Darkseid's son Kalibak. Darkseid was later forced by his mother to marry Tigra, who gave birth to a son named Orion. After Darkseid killed his mother, he banished his second wife and son.

When the war with New Genesis threatened his quest for power throughout the universe, he negotiated a peace agreement with the Highfather that included the secret exchange of their sons Orion and Scott Free.

For centuries, Darkseid tried to gain power over anti-life, the ability to rule over all forms of life. He also kidnapped several people from Earth who he believed had the knowledge to help him gain power over anti-life. However, by penetrating the "neutral zone", the earth, he had broken the agreement with New Genesis.

The resistance forces of New Genesis were led by Orion. In the hope of being able to ally with his son, Darkseid confessed their true relationship to him. But that only increased Orion's hatred of his father. Finally Darkseid learned that the true power over anti-life lay in the mystical source itself, which meant for him that he now had to try to conquer the source himself.

Orion soon became his father's greatest enemy, and a prophecy says that one day he would kill him in battle. Nevertheless, in his countless attempts to conquer the earth, Darkseid has also been confronted with many earthly superheroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman I. When the monster Doomsday and the cyborg raged on Apokolips, Darkseid could only survive with the help of Superman.

After Orion killed his father inside the spring, it sparked a struggle for power between his servant Desaad, the cruel Granny Goodness and Virmin Wunderbar. The lord of Hell Neron used the resulting chaos for his own purposes.

Darkseid later managed to return through his son's "dark side" and continue his attempts to gain control of the source. When he tried again to tear down the "wall of the spring", he and the highfather were prisoners of the wall. However, he was later freed by Metron and his servant Desaad, while his son Kalibak took his place. Since then, Darkseid continues to forge his plans to conquer New Genesis and Earth. Darkseid is the true incarnation of evil, and he doesn't even hesitate to kill his most loyal allies to achieve his goal.

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